10 Best Lighting Ideas to Enhance Your Interiors with Chandeliers


Chandeliers do not always have always to break a bank. With growing innovation in interior décor space, there are many options to choose among wood, wire, paper, etc.

Many people do not prefer chandeliers in their homes for a simple reason that they look too pretentious and flamboyant. Some of us seek simplicity in our living room lighting ideas where a chandelier doesn’t necessarily fit or does it?

Did you know that chandeliers actually play a huge role in lighting your home and enhancing your interior? They not only provide enough light, lighting every part of the room but also provide a focal point. In your dining room lighting ideas, you can plan one right above the table to illuminate the members, reduce the ceiling light and create a warm glow of light, thus making the group seem more intimate.

But to have a huge piece of crystal hang over your head can become just as overwhelming. Thankfully there are lots of chandeliers out there that can maintain the glamorous part of it without making them too ostentatious. You can now pick a variety of humbler options, which appear functional, practical and contemporary. Here are some options to consider when you plan to use chandeliers at home.

Linear Chandelier


[Alpha Design Group]

A linear design looks great in a contemporary room. But, if you like to experiment a little, you can also use it in a traditional setting. Each bulb is covered with sparkling organza and white crepe to emanate a soft glow that makes the room look inviting, warm and cozy.

Wooden Beads on a Hanging Chandelier



When you want to take the excessive glitz out of your chandeliers, then wooden beaded ones are your best options. You can install one of these in a country house or a beach house and use an antique dining set to complement the décor. This should help in sanding some traditional edges in the room.

Paper chandelier


[Carey & Co]

This chandelier is a piece of work and art. The designer used eighty notes clipped together to a wire with 31 of them carrying notes of love in many different languages. 49 of these papers are left blank so that the guests can write down their own feelings and sentiments, making them an integral part of your décor.

The interactive nature of this light is a welcome escape from an overbearing presence of a crystal chandelier. The best thing, the owner is involved in its making process that adds a sense of warmth to an already warm lighting source! Next time, use it start a conversation on your dining table.

Hardwood Chandelier


[Layla Grace]

Wooden chandeliers have only recently been introduced into décor space, and they are already carving a niche for themselves. Who would have though this stylish, vintage-looking chandelier is actually just a recent innovation! In this image, the wooden chandelier has a unique shape with a patina to give it an aged look. Its dangling wooden bits add to the glamour of this piece. Its interesting design will fit perfectly into a conventional and contemporary setting equally.

Pendant Shaped Chandelier


[Stacy Bass Photography]

The pendant shaped lantern in this picture is just so perfect for a beach house. Made of shells, the soft breeze will make them sway and create a soft chime like music in your house. This innovative light can easily take the guest’s attention to the center of the room, without so much as an effort.

Milk Bottle Chandelier

contemporary-chandeliers (1)


It has become common these days to use everyday items into a creative piece of art, in this case, milk bottles. Many companies out there will take wine/milk bottles off your hands, upscale them and create them into a lighting option, as is seen in this image. This utterly simple chandelier is perfect for a contemporary room, and its minimalist design will also encourage you to use in a creative way.

Twig Chandelier


[Shades of Light]

While some may call it messy, there are others who would consider this piece of lighting as an artsy one. When placed in the right setting, it can easily take your room’s décor from one level to another, effortlessly. This warm and captivating chandelier will just as easily become a center of attention without looking too excessive; in fact, its primal nature is what makes it so attractive.

Abalone Shell Chandelier


[Zuniga Interiors]

This chandelier is made of abalone shells treated to antique silver finish, which gives this lighting fixture a unique quality of its own. While to some it may appear a tad over the op, but with this chandelier in the room, you don’t quite need other items of décor. This one is capable of standing alone and still makes a statement.

Country Chandelier

traditional-chandeliers (1)


Speaking of chandeliers, it becomes almost necessary that we mention the one that looks anything but flashy. This one has been stripped down to its basics, and its country look is actually quite endearing. The loop like arms give a vintage appearance and the bulbs appear like electrified candles. You don’t need to break a bank to afford a chandelier like this. They can be inexpensive and are so perfect for a country home or room with the vintage setting.

Baroque Chandelier

chandeliers (1)

[Abigail Ahern]

Wirework is so understated in décor these days. Created in the 19th century, it is making a comeback in the form of this quirky piece. While looking grand, it is a stark opposite of opulent chandeliers from the era gone by. Today, it is doing wonders to that tradition in its own unique way.

Chandeliers have earned a bad name for themselves over the years for being décor of the rich. However, that is obviously not the case. Through these options, you can see how you can bring home a lighting piece that works as good as a chandelier but does not cause holes in your pocket or look too garish. You can keep things simple yet stylish with these chandelier options.

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