12 amazing ways to welcome the winter in bathroom

There are more than a few ways to get the bathroom ready for the winters, which is more about blending style with functionality.

In most parts of the globe, winter is either approaching or has already arrived, and most of us have changed the setting of the living room and bedroom. But have you considered the bathroom? Having a winter ready bathroom is not just about style, but it is more about feeling warm for every shower. While some of the things we will talk here are more about visual pleasure, there are others that actually generate and work for the warmth. Embrace our series of bathroom design ideas and you will love the bath sessions more than ever!


[Image: Lesher Natural Stone, Quartz, & Tile]

Sinks and wood: If you have wooden countertops with natural material based sinks such as soapstone, you can actually feel much easier for a bath. Of course, this is more of a permanent solution, and therefore the investments can be a concern for you. However, stone in wood is among the most natural feelings one can get in the bathroom!


[Image: Sustainable Design Group]

 Heated floors: Heated floors can be expensive, but are great when you are doing the renovations. This is one of the more unique solutions for places that are generally cold, and you have to consider the kind of investment you want to make with the pros and cons in mind. What if you don’t have the budget? The simplest solution is to get a heater model that can be bathroom safe, so that you can turn it on when needed. There is an extreme need to consider the safety needs and requirements of the area for the same.

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[Image- Thom Filicia Inc.]

Choose a warm rug: In the summers, we are more concerned about bathmats that are actually practical and worth the look. However, for the winters, the choice can shift to a warm rug that feels warm to the feet and good to the eyes. What you have to consider is the choice of colors because you don’t want the look to be boring. Opt for some more bright and colorful shades, and there is a lot to love! Also, it is good to consider whether you need to add pads underneath because unlike mats, many of the rugs may slip.

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[Image- Antonio Martins Interior Design]

Get a few antiques: Small things on the display can do wonders, and that’s what antiques do to the bathroom. Unique and extremely lovable, antiques in all sizes are welcome for the winter bathroom. If you have the budget, you can look for an old style table that can double up as a vanity or a mirror that comes with a perfectly designed frame style. Whatever it may be, make sure the beauty of the piece comes out with the placement and use.


[Image- Room Fu – Knockout Interiors]

Add a decent shower curtain: Another cheap and extremely banal solution is the shower curtain that can often be the center of attraction. Look for the sunny shades or colors that pep the mood because the winter evenings can be dark and boring. Yellow, lime and green are obvious choices, but if you want to explore, you can find some more, as well.


[Image- Studio William Hefner]

Think of a fireplace: Obviously, for such a solution to work, you need bathrooms that can actually have the space for the fireplace. There are many small and large considerations, but what you need is the cost for getting the fireplace designed, apart from the expensive product that you would need to buy.


[Image- Lohss Construction]

Get in the wood mood: There is nothing like wood to create warmth and feel, and when you want the same for the bathroom, a complete wooden idea can work wonders. You have to consider two main things for this idea. Firstly, if you can find the kind of wood that matches the need, and how much you need to invest for getting the wood types meant for the bathroom. The second thing to consider is whether the woodsy idea will be something for all the seasons. Some people even get materials or fabrics that have the forest and wood theme, so the options are many in line with what you want to spend.

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[Image – Tyrrell and Laing International, Inc.]

Get windows and light: If you have the provision, having a shower window or even a regular window can be a great way to bring in natural light. Many people do have an issue with the level of privacy, especially when there are neighbors around. In such cases, you can use treated and papered glass that can lets the light come inside but blocks the clear view from the outer area.

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[Image- Big-D Signature]

A wooden chandelier: If you have been thinking of the lighting solutions, a wooden chandelier can be a good idea. Again, there is the height of the bathroom and the space available that are main concerns because large chandeliers don’t fit in everywhere and there are other appliances that may be on a height. You need to get a thorough inspection done before you can choose something!

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[Image- Christopher Patrick Interiors]

 Change the wall color: From bathroom friendly wallpaper to regular paint, a change in the bathroom walls can be extremely great for the winters. You may want to get some of the bright and peppy colors like red, especially when choices in white seem to be boring all the time.

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[Image- Studio 80 Interior Design]

Choose bathtubs meant for bathroom: For bathtub design ideas, replacing the old bathtub for a new one that is made of copper, brass, or even soapstone can be a good thought for the winters. The best reason to choose them is the fact that the water remains warm in these materials for the longer time. There are many of us who love enjoying a warm session in the bathroom, so this is a better way to keep the chilly weather away!

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 [Image- Marsh and Clark Design]

 Consider getting a steam area or sauna: People love the magic of having a sauna or even a steam area, both being more of the luxurious and expensive options. You have to find the space for the same, and even when you have the area, the entire construction and completion might require you to flex the budget even a little more.

What are you thinking about? Decide on the level of development you want to do, and if you have some big plans, get started with the bathroom remodeling ideas and the designer today!

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