15 ways to have fun with hammocks for home or garden

futuristic trinity hammocks

It is not as tough as it seems – add a hammock to the home or garden- even office and have a good time.

Hammocks for home or garden are a good way to pep up the home decor – they take you back in time, add a factor of nostalgia and are super comfortable to lie in. Have a comfortable vacation-like spot in the home or garden. Here are some ways to add the hammock in your decor without being intrusive for the existing interior theme.

Style 1: Ideal hammock:

ideal hammock on traditional porch

(Image – Knicker Bocker Group)

The ideal way would be a white weaving hammock, swinging freely on the porch with a lovely view to the sea – breeze blowing, books and drink alongside. But since this is something not possible in all homes, we shall see more ways to include the hammock in your rooms.

Style 2: Swings for two:

hammock for two in contemporary landscape

(Image – Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture)

Why not have three poles set in a triangle in the garden, and one pole is shared between the two hammocks. Such a pretty conversation starter! Choose a waterproof or quick dry variety of hammock as it will be out there braving the weather.

Style 3: The kid’s room:

hammock for the kids room

(Image – Julie Ranee Photography)

How about having a hammock in the kids’ study? An ideal place for reading, the fun element that is brought in is exceedingly satisfying for the child. The days when they cannot go out to play, the hammock also makes a great pastime!

Style 4: Romantic garden solitude:

romantic traditional landscape hammock

(Image – Aiken House & Gardens)

Feeling traditionally romantic? Throw on a crochet spread on the hammock and add a few cushions. Spring time calls for some really mushy moments with your favorite book, among the flowers and bees. Enjoy the summery scent on the wind!

Style 5: Contemporary chic:

pasadena contemporary landscape hammock

(Image – EPT DESIGN)

How about a structured and smart hammock in the garden? Just below that chic tree-house or gazebo, adding a superb modern and futuristic stylish aura to the garden.

We have seen some inspirations for having a hammock in your space – hammocks add so much of comfort and relaxed aura to the room or garden, one wants to lie down and enjoy the time passing by. Be it recliner hammocks, chair hammocks, sofa hammocks or bed hammocks – they are all synonyms of the joy one gets out of the simple pleasures of this wonderful object. See some more ideas for having a hammock in your space.

Style 6: Futuristic:

futuristic trinity hammocks

(Image – Trinity Hammocks)

Looks like just out of a sci-fi film! This inclusive structure, containing a frame for three hammocks and the three swings is ideal for a family with kids. Keep it outdoors for the kids to have fun in.

Style 7: Vibrant hues:

contemporary landscape vibrant hammocks

(Image – B. Jane Gardens)

How about a single, brightly colored hammock in the dense greens of the garden? Choose a secluded spot and have a small tripod table around for ease of putting down your books or mugs of tea. Relish the ambience; this is a boon for the nature lover.

Style 8: Living room or attic sofa:

living room or attic sofa hammock


Looking for the perfect sofa or couch for the TV viewing? Why not has it up in harnesses like this one? This feathered delight is like a sofa cum bed for the living room, where the entire family can huddle up and have a good family time together.

Style 9: Chair hammocks:

tropical patio chair hammock

(Image – MCM Design)

More than a single seat required in the porch? Go for these chair type hammocks, which are also great for an afternoon time snooze and act as superb recliners. Carry your gameboy or read to the kids at evening. Don’t forget to carry a throw in case it gets cold.

Style 10: Accent hammocks:

eclectic exterior accent hammocks

(Image – Becky Harris)

Something looks missing in that porch right? Well, why not add some interest in that area by putting up a hammock across the porch.
Hammocks need no sales talk now – they are so comfy and cute, you want to own one almost right away. Have some space to add on a stylish hammock to one of the rooms or the garden? Here is a set of juicy inspirations for you:

Style 11: Nap-time fun:

contemporary sunroom hammock

(Image – Knight Associates)

This twin bed style hammock is so adorable! One can easily sleep in the right posture on this one, without the fear of ending up crumpled once you wake up, or strings dug deep in the skin. Nap time fun has a new address!

Style 12: A table for four:

hammock for four

(Image – Nara)

This garden hammock on a frame of solid wooden poles serves a perfect venue for those heart-to hearts with close friends or family. The pool with lotuses provides an oriental touch to the setting. Very classy!

Style 13: Traditional cabin:

traditional porch cabin hammock

(Image – Home Design Elements LLC)

Why not have lovely hammocks for two on your wooden porch, where the fir scented breeze will refresh you and the cozy setting will make you fall in love with yourself! Add some brightly colored patchwork cushions on the hammock for accentuating the look.

Style 14: Over the pool:

mediterranean pool hammock


Add a great touch of comfort to the swimming pool by tethering a cool waterproof hammock across the swimming pool. Now more pranks are possible for the kids!

Style 15: Office fun!

transitional home office hammock

(Image – Kevin Browne Architecture)

Your office deserves a fun makeover too! Relax in the office with this hammock style ceiling, created with the purpose of having a time-out right where your work. Get back at it with increased enthusiasm and see the difference this makes to your productivity.

Have a hammock around you if you feel blue, if you are happy, or if you are in the holiday mood! It stands for so much. Your interiors and your daily life too will be infused with a lovely energy and you can take a relaxing break whenever you want! Have fun!

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