15 ways to let White magic mesmerize your garden


Work the whites for the yard or garden and feel the welcoming aura of the pure color.

Whites are alluring. True that it is difficult to maintain, needs a lot of care but still – alluring! Using whites in home decoration is quite fraught with the constant danger of getting soiled, but yet, it looks so royal and pristine, that one is always attracted to it. Here are some ways in which you can work the white magic in your garden or yard:

1: Welcoming white hues:


[Image – Wallace Landscape Associates]

The entrance to the garden or yard can be flanked with large and tall white flowering Dogwood plant on either side of a brick-lined pathway. Very romantic!

2: Roses and Arbor:

traditional-landscape (1)

[Image – Derviss Design]

Let those very sophisticated rose climbers twirl their way onto a curved metal arbor, right where you enter the garden, making for the next best thing to mistletoe!

3: Urn full of white beauty:

traditional-landscape (2)

[Image – Margie Grace – Grace Design Associates]

The bushy variety of the romantic rose in white can full up a rustic or antique urn and make a nice statement. Choose a steel planter if your garden style is contemporary. Go for a wooden variety if country style is on your mind.

4: Overhung whites over the doorway:


[Image – Westover Landscape Design, Inc]

Oh so pretty! The house in our dreams has this very feature, right? Choose a lovely climber like White Clematis and let it overgrow on your home entryway. Hide the darn soil right at the base using smaller plants like variegated sedge.

5: Shrubs around:

traditional-landscape (3)

[Image – Westover Landscape Design, Inc]

Why not fill the space on the garden floor with white shrubs like Panicle Hydrangea to give a look of opulence and royalty. It easily hides the unattractive parts and looks happy!


6: White fence:

traditional-landscape (4)

[Image – Denise Dering Design]

Perhaps all our imaginations of a happy home are filled with noises of a child’s laughter, dogs playing around and white fenced yards. The picket fence in white not only looks very neat, but also brightens up the ambience.

7: Lattice tops for fences:

traditional-landscape (5)

[Image – Milieu Design]

Sometimes, if the plantations are not done right around the fence, it can look a little harsh. To mellow it down and eliminate the need for exactly right bushes around it, try some designer element like a lattice top for the fence. The eye moves over to the detailing effectively reducing the need for lovely plantation around the fence.

8: Arbor it:

traditional-landscape (6)

[Image – Frederick + Frederick Architects]

A nice arbor around the entrance of the garden or yard makes a fine statement. It is actually just a frame of wood or iron going vertical from the ground on one side, bending over, going horizontal before it ends vertically in the next corner. Even without any vines to make it romantic, it makes a grand entryway. Keep it white and high enough for comfortable passage. Decorate with white flowering vines or lights for a night party.

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