Estúdio MRGB has designed the Casa LK in Brazil that responds to the site conditions directly with facades open to green spaces.

The Casa LK designed by Estúdio MRGB in Brazil is a linear house configuration built on a vacant site, with few neighbouring houses. Owing to the openness of the site, and considering the future growth of the neighbourhood, the architects planned a flexible layout offering some great design ideas. A linear configuration paved the way for creating open space near the rear lot of the site. This open space concentrated in bringing the best views, wind, and light into the main areas of the house. It also helped in arranging the interior layout of the house, where the major spatial functional areas are facing the vast facade.


An uncomplicated design, the house has its external facade made of varying reinforced concrete panels arranged at varying distances from one another. This facade panel helps in concealing the family activities and privacy of the inmates, and also, allows for ease of light and air. The facade acts like a screen, which creates silhouettes and casts shadows on the floor to form diagonal patterns. Inside the house, the architects have segregated the private areas from the public areas, and this clearly defines the spatial zones for the family. A linear pathway similar to an aisle runs parallel to the external facade on the inside that leads to the entrances of the living, dining and private areas.


On the other side of the facade, the bedrooms are placed with balconies facing the open lot. The open spaces are so designed so as to allow sufficient light and air to the bedrooms even during future times, of surrounding plot developments. The linearity of the house is a major advantage for the layout circulation, as it keeps the design simple and crisp with neat straight lines. Every possible solution to keep privacy is maintained all through the design phase. The Casa LK house is a straightforward design with no extravagant luxuries, but offers an amicable residence full of light, vastness and green spaces.

Photo by :- Haruo Mikami

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