Planning a Guy’s Room: 6 Ideas for the Bachelor Bedroom

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Get more style and function in a bachelor’s bedroom with quality design ideas.

Masculine styles of interiors are always different from other options you can think of, and that’s the reason, most designers like to design a man’s room with certain Ideas for the Bachelor Bedroom. Guys always have a sense of love for the things that interests them and like to have the same incorporated in their bedroom. We have covered manly interiors in previous posts, but this time we would talk exclusively about the bedroom and the ways in which bachelors like their room to be.

modern bedroom design bachelor room

(Image – Nicole Hollis)

Understand the need: Men’s bedroom is much dependent on the kind of lifestyle he has, and therefore, you have to consider everything related to the owner of the room. Bachelors who travel often need a much more storage style bedroom than someone who is more a couch potato once he has entered home. All these small things about a man’s life will help you in understanding the kind of essentials he will need.

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Guys love mattresses: While women seem to have a fetish for fabrics band textures, men love to ensure that they have a peaceful night after a day at work. You need to see if there are needs for a special mattress, something that is more on the high end side of the cost and is better on technology. Some men like mattresses that offer support and ensure good sleep.

modern kids bedroom design by benning design associates

(Image – Benning Design Associates)

Invite the guests: Most bachelors have others coming over for sleepover times, and needless to mention, you might want the bedroom to have some extra space. This may mean adding a few extra cabins or shelves in the closet or simply having an additional divan in the room. Some men like to ensure that others enjoy fun like them, so see if you need another gaming console or a computer in addition to the laptop.
Moving on, we bring in more options to get a guy’s bedroom designed in the most functional way possible. Check to know what a man wants in his room in his single days.

modern contemporary bedroom design

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The color palette: Men don’t like pink, red and purple like women, and it is quite obvious that masculine choices are essentially neutral. You need to have a palette of colors such as white, black combined with some shades of gray. Again, there is a level of monotony attached to such themes, so make sure that you add softness to the interiors with the fabrics. Things like curtains, bedspreads, and quilts can do a lot to the color theme even in white. As for colors, paintings and posters are always evergreen choices.

lawrence contemporary bedroom design by frances bailey

(Image – Frances Bailey)

The need for technology: Men love gadgets, so a bachelor’s bedroom needs to have everything, or at least the provision for everything. This includes the TV, the gaming console, home theatre, music system and everything else. The thing that you need is a console for everything, and most guys like to see TV from the bed, so the positioning is important. It is also important to see if some of the gadgets and technology can be actually put under cover.

bachelor bedroom design by nicole hollis

(Image – Nicole Hollis)

Keep the function in mind: Bachelors are either unorganized or generally have a space for everything. From having multiple plug points around the bed to having a closet with varied size and styles of cabinets; function is something that rules the choices. If the man has some hobby, you might want to create some space for the things he wants on display for showing off to others.

Start with the bachelor’s room with the ideas and see a man smile with pleasure!

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