7 Great Ideas to Transform your Home Office

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With these great ideas, you can easily make your time spent at the home office more productive.

When the corporate workspaces are created and designed, a lot of thought and research goes into it. The idea is to make these places more productive and result oriented. However, the corporate office is very different from a home office. You may not have access to all these scientific material that is used for making proper offices. But you can use these simple interior decor ideas to make your home office far more dynamic.

Have nature’s view   


[Image: Stonebrook Design Build]

It has been scientifically proven that if your work desk has a great view of the nature, then you would be very efficient. This is because the green scenes help us rejuvenate our senses and distress to restock our positive mental energies. If you do not have a natural scene to look out, then you can add a fountain or leafy plants outside your window to get a better view.

Use natural and untreated wood



This may seem a little off, but the truth is that when we see the grain on the wood, it makes us feel close to the nature the same way being in a forest does.

Stare into open spaces 


[Image: Lucy Johnson Interior Design]

Sometimes when taking a break from work, we end up staring at our computer screens. Instead, you can focus on the something away from your computer. Follow the 20-20-20 rule, which means staring at something at a distance of 20 yards for at least 20 seconds after every 20 minutes. This will take the strain off your eyes.

Have greater control of your environment

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[Image: Dania Furniture]

If you want to improve your professional performance even when you are at home, you can begin with having a complete control of your office environment. You should be able to rearrange the furniture and ability to move around as you work. To have a rolling chair and couple of work surfaces to work with will give you the freedom to manage your tasks more freely.

Centralized systems


[Image: INVIEW Interior Design]

If you are someone who does not like to lose the rhythm while working can also go for built in systems that will give you access to all the controls in your room within accessible distance. You can turn on the lamp or open/close the windows. These are some easy ways to customize your workspace as per your needs. Having control of your environment gives you a mental power.

Paint your walls in green colour

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[Image: Pella Windows and Doors]

If your work entails creative thinking, then you can colour your walls in green colour. This colour will boost your energy and help you perform in a much better way. However, at the same time, avoid using red followers as they diminish the ability to think clearly and productively.

Get the door View


[Image: Sett Studio]

You should have the view of the door whenever possible, which also includes the nature’s view. To be able to view the door will keep your mind off distractions like someone is at the door when there is clearly no one. When possible, look outside the window to give yourself a little break from the computer screen.

It is no rocket science to transform your office and make it more productive. All it takes is a bit of common sense and the ability to think out of the box to make your office not only stylish, but also a peaceful place to work.

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