7 ways to a peaceful home: work wonders with simple changes

Let the peace and tranquility flow into your home more freely converting it into a heaven of sanctity. Try these simple steps to transform the home energies.

Who does not like a tranquil home? If the home breathes peace into you, then it is actually worth calling home. The moment we enter the house, it should infuse new energy in us; an energy which is not urgent or rush like – an energy which calms you down and prepares you to wind down or get on to a chore. But all this must be paced out. Seldom has a home that kind of relaxed energies, but it is not very tough to attain. Try the following ideas for a more peaceful, feel-good home environment.

1: Clear out the surfaces every day –

eclectic-bedroom (Image – Sarah Greenman)

This reduces the latent energies of the stuff lying about as well as clears the line of sight. This makes a lot of difference to the way the eye perceives the space as more undulated the line of sight is, more tired it gets. For a peaceful, tranquil feel, clear out the surfaces and wipe them clean of any dust daily.

2: The five element incorporation


(Image – Michelle Lee Wilson Photography)

It is a good step towards a more balanced home if you plan to incorporate all the 5 elements into the home. Don’t stop at potted plants – have a water element, the earth element, wood as well as fire apart from the wind that flows in through the windows. This will balance the energies in the home and create an optimally energized home for your peace and happiness.

3: Keep the floors clear

transitional-dining-room (Michelle Lee Wilson Photography)

Keeping the floors clean and dust free is a great way to get rid of the negative energies. Sometimes when there is no better place for some stuff, it is dumped on the floor and it just stays there. This takes up the free space, clogging up the area and hampering the free flow of energy. Just as the surfaces are cleaned every day, the floors must be cleaned too for a peaceful home.

4: De-clutter –

contemporary(Image – Kelly Deck Design)

Get your stuff sorted and organized well periodically so that you can get rid of the useless junk every few days. The lesser the junk, the lesser is the negativity that accumulates with it. An organized home is the best way to live as there is no irritability in looking for stuff and you can peacefully work your way through the chores. Need to check when looking for some décor ideas!

5: Don’t stock up on too many decorative items –

shabby-chic-style-dining-room (Stephen Fletcher Architects)

Too many artifacts in the room are a nuisance, as well. They take up all the counter space, need to be dusted and maintained every day and are constantly in front of the eyes. Keep them to a minimal and you find the room more uncluttered and free.

6: Use natural scents –

eclectic-dining-room (Stephmodo)

For a home full of peace, try adding a nice and natural scent element to the environment. Since our best memories are driven by smell, a home must smell like a great haven. Incorporate a habit of having fragrant flowers around or incense or essential oil infusion around the house to calm you down.

7: Soften the lighting –

eclectic-dining-room (Stephen Fletcher architects)

A soft dappled light has no match for a relaxed and peace-inspiring feel.  Have the stark lighting concealed or get large and beautiful lampshades for the lamps. They will naturally induce coziness in the home.

A peaceful home is where it really feels like home. Let the air of tranquility flow in the home and have a lovely and relaxed time when home.

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