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7 ways to keep home in excellent shape when you are away

after design contemporary living room

Many ways in which one can keep the home safe and in great condition for after-holiday.

July is when the school starts, but July is also great for those pre-monsoon outings for 2-3 days with family and friends. But before one goes away, one needs to keep home in excellent shape for safety and maintained condition even after one comes back. Try out this ritual of to-do’s and find the house in best condition when it comes to post-holiday cleaning!

after design contemporary living room

(Image – After Design)

1: Yard sales before you leave: Have a de-clutter program run for the house, fish out unwanted stuff and have a yard sale. If the stuff is too old or not reusable, just sell it off as scrap. Entering a home minus clutter will fill you up with renewed energy and also help you cope with the post holiday blues!

roxton contemporary kitchen

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2: Hire a house sitter/pet sitter: People willingly do this job if you pay them appropriately. Make sure you know them beforehand, any valuables are away at the bank and only a couple of rooms are open for them to use. If leaving pets with a sitter make sure there is enough food, water arrangement and leash, toys, etc. If the room you have opened for the pet has furniture it can ruin out of panic, cover it with bubble wrap.

rustic guest bedroom

(Image – Louise Lakier)

3: Leave a clean room behind: We can understand the last moment packing rush, but it is always advisable to finish up beforehand, clean the mess you have made in the process and only then leave for the holiday. Go home to a spic and span home – clean up right before you leave.

fabulous prefab farmhouse porch

(Image – Mary Prince)

4: Refuse the mail and newspaper: Why let all of it pile up on your front door and allure a burglar? Also, it is a big mess if there is rain in your absence and can ruin your front porch. Refuse the mail boy and the newspaper boy beforehand.

traditional agave home exterior

(Image – FAB Architecture)

5: Trim your garden: Don’t let it overgrow. Trim and spray well for clear visibility as well as a manicured look when you come back!

modern contemporary patio

(Image – New Eco Landscapes)

6: Patio protection: If your patio is full of plants, seating, garden swing or something similar, it is a good idea to keep them off the rain, which is quite possible in July. Elevate the patio pots on higher stands to avoid floor staining and water retention in plants, which kill them off eventually. Move away your garden furniture, or if not possible, just remove the cushions on them to protect them.

east side eden traditional kitchen

(Image – Taste Design Inc)

7: Make sure all windows and doors are shut well: When you are away, even a stray drought can cause mayhem in the house. Make sure all the windows and doors are shut well to avoid any one breaking in, as well as to avoid the wind breaking something in the house.

It is exhilarating to go on a holiday! But the thought of coming back to a house in shambles is too much of a corner, especially if you are the obsessive type. Don’t ruin your holiday, just follow this checklist and you will be fine; so will be the house!

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