8 ways to drape your kitchen window – mini makeover over the evening

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Check out the fun ways to do up kitchen windows in a short span of few hours. 8 ways to decorate the kitchen window with cute little curtains:

Have a couple of hours spare and creativity on your mind? Here are some ways to decorate the kitchen window with minimal efforts, small fabric requirement and lots of involvement and innovation from your side. Utilize that spare evening in a special way! 8 ways to decorate the kitchen window with cute little curtains:

1: Colorful blinds

decorate the kitchen window

How about some color blocking fashionable kitchen widows? Just add solid color scraps together in varying lengths, attach them to the existing roman blinds framework and you have something as fashionable as your wardrobe! Apply the latest fashion trend to the window to glam it up.

2: Light and airy frills

decorate the kitchen window

Mini frills on the window are both practical and functional. If the window is oblong and little narrow, go for this style. This looks grand and airy, and makes glancing out of the window with a mug of hot coffee even more pleasurable. Simple tucks and you have great looking frills.

3: Kitchen prints on fine organdie

decorate the kitchen window

Organdie cloth is sheer, but stiff enough to hold up and not flop on sides. Choose one with lovely kettles or veggies over it and hang up using loops. No complications and still great looks! Try out fresh colors, or if not available, paint yourself one. Templates are available all over the internet.

4: Kerchief fun

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Is your kitchen window narrow enough to be draped in a kerchief sized cloth? Well then! Go for this cute style. Fold the fabric halfway diagonally, stitch to secure and hang up on the rail for the cute, sailor’s bandana look for the window! The curtain will never blow into the flame with wind and there is no risk of it catching the fire. Looks great too!

We have already seen a few ways to decorate the kitchen window in your cooking space. Curtains are said to be the clothes for a window, and would you not like your window to be all dressed up? Kitchen windows need to be minimal on clothing because there is a risk of them catching fire in the cooking area. Keeping it simple and low key, there can be ways to make them look pretty. Find out how:

5: Kitchen towel draping

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Get a couple of kitchen towels to do the trick for you. Draping them straight style, that is without any frills or pleating on the kitchen window rail gives a nice character to the window, as well as be very practical, as the kitchen towels are heavy enough not to blow into the flame due to wind. Just cover half the window.

6: Sheer magic

decorate the kitchen window

Choose a sheer fabric piece for this style. Drape it along the top half, using the pelmet support. However, when it is draped, the fabric lightness makes for a lovely appeal!

7: Temple draping

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Very unique! Cut out the regular straight edges in zigzag fashion and hem. The temple style hem can cascade from the upper pelmets of the window to give a festive look to the window. Choose bold colors and patterns, and again, cover just half of the window.

8: Frills and half curtains

decorate the kitchen window

How about having a straighter frill fall from the top of the window till about a fourth of the height of the window, and combine it with neat curtains from the half to the bottom. Choose a thick fabric and contrasting one for the border, attach to the loops and you are done! The stitching might take a while if you are not a pro with the sewing machine, but you can always get it done by a tailor.

Try out these funky and lovely styles to do up the kitchen window and get ready for some compliments!

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