Add a twist to your room with a variety of colors

There are many factors that contribute in making a room look like what it is and one of the most important things that matter are the color and pattern of the curtains. While selecting curtains for your room, you need to keep in mind the wall color and the type of furniture and decor that the room has or you plan to have in it. Before deciding on the color of the curtains, it is essential that you plan out the entire room in your mind or on pen and paper. Prior planning helps in making the right color choices for your room.

When it comes to curtains, they can either give the room a dark or a bright look. Depending on what you need, the color of curtains will be determined. However, more than going for single colored curtains, if you want to add a little twist to your room, then you can opt for different color curtains in same room. The colors in curtain should be in synch with the wall color because otherwise the curtains will “stand out” in an undesirable way.

Here are a few suggestions when it comes to selecting more than one colored curtains for your room:

  1. The Dining Room Drama


[Kylie cook]

Curtains of different colors work really well when it comes to dining rooms. A dining room is that place of the house where everyone comes and enjoys a meal together at the end of the day. It a room for many moods and many minds, and hence, different colored curtains work really well. This suave Mediterranean look works really well for a dining room, especially with wooden furniture. Bright lights and large French windows are perfect for the curtains to get along.

  1. The Bedroom affair


[Julie Smith]

If you are bold enough then you can try experimenting with your bedroom curtains. The latest trend these days is to opt for short curtains instead of long ones. They add a different dimension to the room altogether. Keeping the upper half of the window open, it allows enough light to flow into the room but not enough to disturb the one sleeping in it. These black and white checks add an antique and musty feel to the room. These curtains are also great if the room has a low ceiling since the checks and the short length of the curtains balance it out and make the room more comfortable. These curtains are ideal for bedrooms with small spaces and a low ceiling.

  1. Time to go traditional


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If you want to keep your drawing room traditional then the combination of pastel shades in your curtains works the best. The furniture should also be in synch with the color of the curtains if you want to keep it traditional. Traditional drawing rooms do not make much “room” for experimenting. Stick to the simple shades and modes of decorating. Large French windows or wooden paneled glass doors that lead to the garden make the ideal accompaniment for such a room.

  1. The contemporary dining-cum-living room


[Maria Killam]

The dining cum living room is a style that has emerged especially to tackle the shortage of space. Initially mostly noticed in studio apartments, this is now seen in houses as well since it has become a trend. Different colored curtains work well for these rooms since they increase a sense of space. They add a contemporary touch as well. If you keep the shades light and neutral, then they help in increasing the light of the room as well.

  1. For a gender-neutral room


[Carter Kay Interiors]

Curtains are an integral part of designing a gender-neutral baby room. If properly designed and planned with foresight, then this room can become your child’s room in the coming years. Keep the colors simple like grey and green, and they can appeal to both the genders. A combination of colors works best for such rooms since one is not sure about the gender of the baby coming. Green and blue also works really well. All you have to do after the child is born and once you know the gender, accessorize the room in the proper way.

Different colored curtains do make a great choice for a room since they add a different feel to it altogether.

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