Adding bright accents in the garden – Best ideas revealed – Part 1

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Ideas to have colors in the garden with options in flowerpots and furniture to make the summers look all the more shiny and brighter.

Every season, we look forward to ways of decorating the interiors, but how often do you think of updating the garden? In this particular post we will talk of some of the best ideas for garden and how little and bright accents can actually bring in the summer without having spent huge. This union with nature doesn’t require you to be overboard with expensive investments but needs just the right ideas that can work well with the plants and flowers around. Here are some quick and smart ways of getting the garden ready with little changes and making things look sunnier.

Painting flower pots in garden for economy choice:

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colorful garden accents 04

If you don’t want to buy anything new, adding some colors to the items of the garden that you already have can be a good idea. Look for the flower pots that are very easy to paint and give you the option to change when you are bored with the colors.

Flower pots remain one of the best choices because when the plant starts flowering, the overall impact is just too lovable. It is best to look for some pure shades rather than mixed colors, and for choice, you can select shades of colors that are close to the nature. Of course you can do the painting part on your own but if time and busy schedules keeps you away from the garden, looking for readymade choices can be a good idea. Keep in mind that most of the pots you see in the stores may be expensive, so check if you can add a few more colors and patterns for better variety.

Furniture in colors:

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Armchairs and hammocks are perfect choices for the garden and in the greener shades, it is good to have these things in colors. Always opt for rich colors that are easy to the eyes and look amazingly exotic. If you have an option for hanging chairs, you can choose to get colors for them, as well.

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There are gardens where grass is soft enough for a lazy conversation, and for such areas, a small colorful rug with a few block colored cushions can do wonders. Again, you need to be careful about the colors you choose because prints don’t actually create an ambience. For those who want to play safe, they can simply look for bright shades of green, yellow, red, blue and orange.

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Another way to add color to the garden is to choose a table in bright colors. Think of all those bright tables and chairs that delighted you in collections. More than often, such tables and chairs, of course in small sizes, are found in the children’s room. All you need to do is choose something for the adults and look for colors that work with the rest of the garden stuff.

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