Adding Neon in the Interiors and Exteriors – Most Unique Ideas

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Ideas for adding colors of neon in the interiors and exteriors of the house for unique and catchy look.

Think of the hot blue or the bright orange or even that perfect shining green- the neon colors do have a unique aspect to them that makes them such easy to the eyes. While the colors are over the top, the idea of having these pulpy shades in the interiors is quite tempting.

Before you get neon for the house, either in interiors or exteriors, you have to consider that these are extremely attention seeking colors. Needless to mention, you have to make sure that the look should not go over the top. Here are smart ideas that will help you in understanding how you can add neon for lightening interiors.

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(Image – Soledad Builders, LLC)

For the entrance door: The house entrance always needs to be different to get attention, and that’s where you can think of a neon-colored door. No matter whether you have a metal or wooden door, there is always an easy way to get them painted, but you have to invest in high quality paints to sure it last a longer time.

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(Image – OKB Architecture)

For the garden or yard: You can choose to look neon shades for the garden for pots and garden accessories, or if you have an outside garden house, you can choose to color in neon. The shades are absolutely your choice because you can have a desired eye-catching look with any color from the neon palette.

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(Image – Diligence International)

With small things: If you don’t want to make any huge change in the interiors that is permanent, the most banal but interesting choice is the small things. Look for neon shade baskets, poufs, and decorative items that can be placed in the living room for a quick session of glamour.

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(Image – chadbourne + doss architects)

Furniture neon accents: What about getting an armchair or stool in neon green, blue or orange? You can use these pieces of furniture for accenting the current theme, and trust the experts who say that the trend of emphasizing with neon will always and forever be in vogue.

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(Image – Dana Nichols)

Neon art work: If nothing else seems to come through your mind for the perfect neon addition, think of the abstract art and paintings that are extremely beautiful and easy to the eyes. Not to forget, the beauty of art pieces is not dampened by the changing interior trends and fashion.

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(Image – Your Favorite Room By Cathy Zaeske)

Use for the gym room: The gym room is where you need tons and tons of energy, and the neon shades can be used here for walls with ease. While green is a good shade to look for, you can even check the invigorating orange or energizing blue for the walls. For more additions, add gym balls that come in any of these colors.

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(Image – JONATHAN CALVERT | Interiors Photographer)

Lights and lanterns: From large size chandeliers to the beauty of the small lamps and lights, neon colors can be great for accentuation the beauty of a corner of the living room. The ceiling options are far more interesting!

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