Amazing Architectural Design Ideas: The Brooklin House in Brazil by Galeria Arquitetos

The Brooklin House by Galeria Arquitetos in Sao Paulo, Brazil is a narrow strip of house that brings together varied spaces under a single roof.

Designed by Galeria Arquitetos, the Brooklin House in Sao Paulo is built on a narrow strip of land, which brings together a sequential aspect of space planning under a single roof. The house owing to its linear layout had to be designed with breadth constraints where a custom built concrete shelf and counter top ran its course from one end to the other end of the house. This shelf was used to store books in the living lounge, the crockery in the dining area, and also, acted as the kitchen counter top and cabinet.


Towards the other side of the concrete wall, a wooden staircase leading to the first floor was designed with a glass roof. The glass roof provided the needed light to illuminate the internal spaces, and also, give a glimpse of the roof top. On the first floor, the bedroom and bathroom with the wash area occupied the narrow lot. To internally illuminate, the space was left devoid of dark shades and had white painted walls that bounced and reflected light. Vibrant colours, glossy red counter top and subtle shaded rugs enliven the house and make it come alive.

On the external, the house gives a peek at boo effect into the internal spaces that have an open floor layout. Wooden panels adorn the frontal facade, thus giving away glimpses of the exterior to the bedroom whilst maintaining privacy. Other than the simplistic design ideas and features, the house is compact but neatly spaced and well accommodated to house minimal furniture. Being narrow has its own set of disadvantages, which with effective open floor layout can be minimized and put to good use. The house posed a challenging design but was worth the brainstorming to arrive at a perfect design solution.

Photos By : Pedro Kok

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