Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Amazing Bedroom Lighting Ideas: Pendants Hang with the Best Styles

Give your bedrooms a twist in décor by hanging pendant lights by the bed stand rather than using the same old table lamps.

Long gone are the times when pendant lights only graced your kitchens or perhaps be a part of your living room lighting ideas. However, thanks to the growing acceptance décor that breaks rules, pendant lights have been introduced into bedrooms too. Believe it or not, their simple presence can actually alter the way your room looks. Lighting is any designer’s best-laid plan. If you want to introduce a certain kind of edge into the room, rest assured that the pendant light will take care of it, provided you know just what is that you are trying to accomplish with your lighting and décor.

In this article, we will explore certain ideas and styles that go perfectly with your bedroom lighting ideas. We often ignore the bedside space that can now be employed for a much better use, which is pendant lighting. Just get a pendant-style fixture and consider lighting up your bedside rather than using a clichéd table lamp. It may seem a tad over the top at first, but when you see the space that you save or use the space that would have otherwise been wasted, pendant lights will suddenly appear to be an aesthetic as well as the functional idea.

Glamor and Futuristic


[Kelly Hoppen London]

The light in this image is a perfect combination of glass and silver that gives this pendant a bit of futuristic edge. If your bedroom is minimal in design and you want to add a bit of a spark to it, then these lights will fit in just perfectly. Hanging these lights by your bedside adds to the room’s modern décor and also makes the room look funky in a sophisticated way.

Japanese Style Pendant Light

contemporary-bedroom (1)

[Michael Fullen Design Group]

Not everyone prefers their lights to command all the attention in the room. Sometimes you can add a bit of global flavor without making it a single focal point. This is where minimalistic Japanese style pendant lights come into the picture. They do their job in the room, blend in naturally and do not ask for more than they deserve. They are an ideal lighting option for a minimalistic room.

Organic-Shaped Pendant Light


[Rockefeller Partners Architects]

This sparse bedroom does not need a contrasting light to make it a pop décor but something just as soothing so that it slips into the theme of the room effortlessly. A floating nightstand is elegant, minimalist and modern and the pendant light here follows the same rules of appearance and looks like a perfect addition.

Cylindrical Fixtures


[Rachel Reider Interiors]

This cylinder-like pendant light is just the right kind of surprise element for a bedroom. The narrow space is filled in naturally and looks like a part of the side table vignette giving a pleasant overall visual impact to that particular spot. It is not hard to tell that this very spot would look overcrowded with a table lamp and even bulky. Pendant light meets your need of a bedside lighting, fits into the vignette and also does not ask for additional space!

Visual Scale with a Pendant Light

contemporary-bedroom (2)

[DKOR Interiors Inc.- Interior Designers Miami, FL]

This room offers a very interesting visual scale that is further enhanced by the pendant light. The oversized headboard is accompanied by a low nightstand as the silver pendant light offers a balanced, refined look. The room is given subtle layers with tone-on-tone wallpaper too.

Bright Pendant Light


[Amy Lau Design]

Is your bedroom textured? Then your lighting should be one that highlights these textures and add a bit of an ambience itself. In this bedroom, a contemporary pendant light has been set high above the nightstand. With that, the room gets multiple height options giving it a visually different appearance. If you want your room to look the same way as the one in the image, you can set the pendant height at least 48-inches from the top. However, make your room appear modern by setting the pendant height to 24-inches above the nightstand.

Rod Pendant Light

contemporary-bedroom (3)

[GDC Construction]

We normally see our pendant lights hanging by a chain. However, here the designer has used a rod instead that gives a crisper, and more masculine appearance that works perfectly well with drum shades. Together with other accompaniments in the room, these lights offer a cohesive look to the decor and also double up as the functional lighting option, when needed.

Eclectic Minimal Bedroom

midcentury-bedroom (1)

[Retro Dormitorio]

This bedroom is so varied and yet to so minimal in the way it looks. The appearance has been further enhanced by the presence of these simple pendants that blend perfectly into the wall. The result is not only purely aesthetic but also functional.

Unique Pendant Light

contemporary-bedroom (4)

[Kathy Bloodworth Interior Design]

Do you want to leave a lasting impression on your guests? How about gracing their rooms with unique and memorable pendant lights that will make them feel instantly awed by all the effort you have gone through to make their room special for them. The lights look like a fancy dinner napkin, which is a sign that the guest is important. Make your guests feel every bit like they are important to you by simply adding these lights.

Cutwork Pendant Lights

contemporary-bedroom (5)

[Lori Gentile Interior Design]

If you look at the room in this image, it appears simple, and very sparse. However, just by adding these fabulous pendant lights, the entire look has been changed from simplicity to that of sophistication and elegance. The cutwork on the lights cast aesthetic shadows on the wall that acts like an artwork in itself.

Pendant lights don’t have to be ostentatious and loud always. They can be simple, functional, minimalistic and even sophisticated. Just see what theme your overall décor follows and let the pendant lights do their job. After all, lights have come a long way from being simply a source of illumination to an important aspect of décor.

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