Amazing Decoration Ideas: Top 11 Colours for Decorating your Home

Colours are what make a house look lively and bright. There are many ways to use a colour that can change the mood of the room, as well as the ambience.

Who likes to own a house that lacks a splash of bright shades? The colours are what stand between boring and interesting walls. You can use neutral hues or bright ones, the choice is yours. Just create artistic spaces by pairing the right colours together for a visual appeal. Here is the colour guide with amazing decor ideas that will help you add a dash of brightness to your house.

  1. Blue


[Image – Product Bureau LLC]

Blue has the natural tendency to lend certain coolness to the room. You can choose between different shades to make the walls striking or soothing to completely alter a space.

  1. Gray


[Image – Sarah Greenman]

Love for gray is not going to end anytime soon which means that it will remain trendy for a while. Just play the charcoal gray to its best potential and give your room instant facelift for a dramatic looking dining area. You can also choose the foggy variant for a relaxing bedroom that deflects natural light.

  1. Pink


[Image – CWB Architects]

Nothing speaks of a girl’s room the way pink shade does. By choosing the right shade, you can break the convention and still make the room appropriate for a master bedroom. This shade is cheerful and playful and yet sophisticated in appearance.

  1. Yellow


[Image – Element Clay Studio]

Yellow is the colour of cheer and joviality. When you accent this shade with complementary shades of blue, you have a room that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also welcoming. For a much classier appeal, tone it down by using shades of gray and neutrals.

  1. Orange


[Image – Maria Killam]

Even though, it is not a very popular choice when painting your walls, orange has a quality of instantly lifting up the room’s décor and provide a certain kind of warmth with its subtle hues. You can work any shade from tangerine to coral, as far as you match the right décor and accessories.

  1. Red


[Image – Christy Dillard Kratzer]

We have all seen the classic red doors, but it is about time to get this shade inside the house too. Red has a sense of invitation, and also, a certain quality of making an impact to the décor of the house. Just choose a playful accent on the wall and keep your furnishings simple and neutral. In this setting, red will not fail to dispel its magic.

  1. Green


[Image – Elizabeth Dinkel]

Green is the nature’s way of calming you after a long and tiring day. Simple shade of green will make your house seem so invigorating. Just match the right shade and you are all set to make your space a refreshing one.

  1. Purple


[Image – Mercedes Corbell Design +Architecture]

Purple may be a little outside the comfort zone of interior decorators. However, when you use this shade sparingly, it is capable of lighting up a room and adds an elegant surprise to the modern spaces. It is not just a children’s colour, but also usable in the kitchen, provided it has been used effectively. You can consult an expert for some amazing colour decor ideas.

  1. Brown


[Image – Mark Newman Design]

Beige is one of the favourite colours of many people because it hardly ever goes wrong. It never ceases to impress the onlookers and blends so effortlessly with the décor of the house. If you are looking for a sharp contrast, you can introduce shades of dark brown to mark these spots. However, beige and light colours have a tremendous soothing quality to it.

  1. White

contemporary-bedroom (1)

[Image – Joie Wilson]

Basics are safe, basics are classy. This is why white is an all time decorative colour. When you use the colour right, this seemingly boring hue can bring in a world of change to your room. Use it to make a lasting impact in your home, albeit smartly.

  1. Black


[Image – Design Line Construction, LLC]

Talk about colours and black has to make an entry. It is bold and can be used extensively across the room. Even though, the colour is dark, there is no need to use it sparingly. Just add a bit of neutral shades for a dramatic and contrasting effect.

These design ideas are so simple and effective that it will urge you to give your home a makeover every now and then. When you need to change just one aspect of the house, all you need to do is switch colours, match the furnishings and Voila! Your home is ready to receive a new band of guests.

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