Amazing Interior Decor Ideas: Bold Colours for your Ceiling

Give your ceiling a splash of colour and add an interesting point in your room by these bold hues on your ceiling.

We commonly see people painting the walls in various colours but leaving the ceiling white. This practice has been followed for many years because it said to create the illusion of space and make the room look brighter. Even, though it is a well-established fact that a white ceiling will brighten up the room, there are other ceiling colours that can also make the room look expansive. The idea is to use the bold colours on the ceiling with a mix of softer colours on the main walls so that the room does not look like a cave. Also, ensure that there is enough natural light for the room to look bigger.

Warm colours have the inherent tendency to make the room look cosy and the cool colours make the walls move away. If you have a ceiling that is too high, then you can add a warm hue for it to appear much lower than it actually is. You can use orange, red or yellow to gain this effect.

Here are some top ten bright decor ideas that will transform the way your room looks and feels with bold hues and/or unusual colour scheme.

Create Visual Rhythm by Following a Colour Palette  

contemporary-bedroom (2)

[Image – Greg Rieglar Photography]

When you need to give your ceiling a bold colour and you are unsure of the hue, then look around your room and take a hint from the decorative accessories or your favourite bed linen to create a harmonized appearance. When your eyes move in a constant rhythm, it would give the illusion of a spacious room.

Lower the height of the ceiling Visually


[Image – artthaus]

For a youthful vibe in the room, you can add a bold colour to the ceiling matching it with complementing light colour on the walls. This will not only lower the height visually, but also make the room look cosy. In this room, hot pink colour is used on the ceiling, which is matched with very light pink on the walls, which give the room its cheerful look. Indeed one of the best kids bedroom ideas!

Add colour on the ceiling


[Image – Vered Blatman Cohen]

If your house is the one that has windows for walls, then ceiling is the only place where you can add a dash of colour. In this image, the ceiling has been painted using a bright yellow and accessorised with pendant lighting for an aesthetic impact.

Use dark colours if you have lots of natural light


[Image – Laura U, Inc.]

When your space receives a lot of natural light, then you are left with much greater room to experiment with bold colours. In this room, the floor has been done up with check pattern and the ceiling colour is a resounding orange that defines the line of sight. The glass walls also add to the décor with its full view of the greenery that keeps the room from becoming too overbearing.

Use colours for Highlighting      



If you have a house that has a slanting wall inside the room, then this wall can be coloured in a bright hue to accentuate the spot. You can also make the other walls in a simple white so that you can automatically draw attention towards the accentuated wall. You can also blend the rest of the décor with that colour to follow a standard theme across the house.

Go Bold without Being Bright


[Image – Scott Neste| Minor Details Interior Design]

Your room can look bold without looking shiny or over the top. A deep purple hue has been used in this room for the ceiling colour. This hue has a quality of making the room look calm and relaxing, which can help being restful and beat the stress. However, if you were to switch the arrangement and colour the walls with deep purple leaving the ceiling white may not exactly have the same impact.


[Image – PPDS]

In this image, the watery blue colour has the same effect of cool and calmness. You can pair the wall colour with white and grey mix to create a consistent vibe of soothing effect.

contemporary-bedroom (1)

[Image – Greg Rieglar Photography]

In this room, the designer has used a crispier version of blue called teal, which has been matched with crisp white trimmings and a subtle grey on the walls and the floor. This colour palette is soft and sophisticated and gives the room a cool and relaxing look.

Green for Health


[Image – Haisma Design Co.]

Green is an extremely vibrant colour that has been associated with good health and vibrancy. When you add it to the ceiling of the room with lots of natural light, the room looks instantly cheerful and more welcoming. This is a perfect hue for the guest bedroom, which makes the room appear pristine and inviting.

Bathroom Ceiling in Sky Blue 


[Image – KUBE Architecture]

Get the natural feel to your house by using natural hues like in this one. In this image, the bathroom ceiling has been painted light blue to give the illusion of the sky. This shade of blue is particularly accommodating and you can mix it with any other shade to give the desired effect.

To colour the ceiling in bold colours is a daring choice because you have to mix and match the rest of the décor to balance the whole effect. It is important to first know what kind of effect is desired in order to do justice to your colour choices. In the absence of proper design theme, it can be challenging to bring a harmonised look together. However, these decor ideas and steps will guide you in getting the perfect combination of colours for your room.

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