Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Amplify your interiors with lights!

Lights can manipulate the interior colours in your house. Read on to find out how you can do this with the help of bulbs, artificial lights and natural lights…

We all glance through beautiful pictures of interiors and houses, but we always wonder how do these houses look so elegant? Well, the secret is quite simple. You just have to work with the lighting to enhance the interiors of your house. If you want to amplify the colours of your sofa sets or chairs or kitchen, you need to put the right colours and lights to make it look artistic plus drop-dead gorgeous. Don’t follow a colour scheme to do this experiment, instead follow this guide to know how you can use lights to make your interiors look stunning.

1. How colours work: –

Source: Arnal Photography

The wall colour matters a lot, but you can actually draw away attention from the wall colours if you are not happy with it. If you have messed up when it comes to the colour scheme, you can always turn to lights. While during the day, the natural light will work for your house, during the evening time; your lights need to do the work. Like you can see in the picture, all the walls are grey; they can make the house look dull with white lights. The small spotlight fixtures on the ceiling and the captivating yellow bulb lamps in one corner are drawing away the attention from the walls. When you look at this picture, all you notice are the two beautiful hanging lights in the back of this living room. If you want to hit the jackpot when finalising living room lighting ideas, this one works wonders. Also, the white spotlights are not too large to give out way too much bright light and focus on the grey walls. This lighting set up oozes perfection!

2. Picking the light bulbs: –

Source: Tsida

There are countless options these days to pick lights and patterns. Watts are a long lost way to describe lights these days, and all people want are decorative lights. If you have a simple set up in your bedroom or living room with furniture, you can always accentuate the entire space with elegant bulbs. You can pick LED wall lights or scone bulbs or any other option that fits your room the best. You can see in this picture that the bed, nightstand and the curtains are way too simple, which look boring. But the LED quirky ceiling light and the spotlights just above the bed make this entire bedroom so interesting. You are captivated towards this room, and this is one of the best bedroom lighting ideas ever! This is a good way to give your room new attire when reusing old furniture. You can work this trick in any other room in your house that needs a little extra something to it.

  1. Take advantage of the lights in the right way:

    Source: McClellan Architects

If you pick the right light source, you can change the appearance of a certain room in your house. If you have a wall with a different paint colour, but it doesn’t look as good as you expected, play with the lights and see the wonders. Like you can see in the picture, the lights are well placed on the sides of the stairways, and this is enhancing the entire wall too. LED strip lights are trendy and quite wonderful interior pieces in the house. Even though it might cost more than regular bulbs, they last long and work wonders. Take your time to pick the right light that fits in certain small spaces in the house. Shop around before you find something perfect.

  1. Have a lighting plan: –

    Source: Scott Haig

You cannot just put blue LED lights or yellow spotlights anywhere or everywhere in the house. You need to have a lighting plan to get it right. You need to see which place requires a brighter light like yellow and what space needs white lights and which place is meant for decorative purposes, which is where the blue lights go. For example, if you want bathroom lighting ideas, this example will help you. The yellow spotlights in this picture are placed in front of the mirror and other portions of the bathroom while the exotic blue lights are near the bathtub to add some cosiness. The colour scheme works outstanding in this picture!

So, what are you waiting for? Enhance your boring interiors with the help of lights right away with these astonishing hacks.

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