The Apos2 by Apostrophy Architects, Bangkok


Creative and inspiring, the Apos2 office extension, by Apostrophy Architects, evokes a feeling of playful nature, accompanied by a livelier working environment.

Located on the bustling streets of Bangkok, Apos2 is an extension of the main office, designed by Apostrophy Architects for subsidiary work and inventive learning. Built adjacent to the main office, the extension accommodates additional employees, with multi-functional workstations on three varied floor levels.


Each level of the office extension pertains to carry out various functions, which in turn supports the workforce of the main office. As a result, the new extension deals with exuberance as the fundamental concept to design and evolve actively dynamic, working spaces.


In light of this, the need to work against time, money, and space formed the defining parameters for the design of the office extension. Consequently, the use of conventional and recycled materials, paint finishes and easy maintenance fixtures enables to create an austere, and yet, a bold and frivolous look to the office.


Primarily, the space retains an adaptive and flexible nature, which promotes an easy-going, and an unrestrained arrangement of the interior. Concisely, the core objective of the extension is to accommodate diverse working people, under a single roof in a creative and ingenious décor. Alternatively, each level remains connected by a vibrant straight flight stair with attractive pictographic art across the walls.


To illustrate this resourcefulness, primary colours such as red, blue, and yellow come into play at each level of the office and expose the degree of innovation, along with bespoke tables and chairs. Other added features such as the table lamps for workstations, pictographic decals for the walls and graffiti posters enforce a vivacious working environment, which kindles excitement among the workforce thus providing some outstanding interior design ideas to the modern offices.


In essence, the extension is a paradigm of the main office, which adaptively alters, evolves, and dismantles in a short span of time. Altogether, a true replica and mirror of the original design, the extension infuses life and colour in a chic and verve manner.

Photos By: Ketsiree Wongwan, Sirichai leangvisutsiri

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