Aranya House in Aranya, India by Modo Designs

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Aranya House in Aranya, India, designed and conceived by Modo Designs with extensive use of marble, wood and colorful fabrics on a single-level dwelling.

Modo Designs is a design house based in India with many credited homes in their work profile. This stunning house in Aranya, India has been designed by the studio as a single-level dwelling over a large sprawling area featuring exotic vegetation. Around the area, there is an extensive series of palm trees that helps the house look more glamorous naturally. The house has been segmented for the parents and son but united via a meeting place. The garden on the rear is separated well for privacy.

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On the first segment of the house, one can find the guest, parents and kids room, while the central area features the living area. There is also a third segment that includes the master bedroom with sitting area and dining and drawing area. For the interiors of the house, there is an extensive use of Italian marble. Some portions of the house, such as the courts and verandah, have been done in kotah stone, which is common in India. The walls of the house are mainly in white, and the furniture has been chosen in wood.

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The interiors have been combined with a range of artifacts and artworks, keeping the Indian sensibilities in mind. The backyard of the house features doors made of wood and glass, whilst the large windows opening to the garden is meant for fresh air and light. For the lighting, there is use of ceiling lights but the concept has been combined with table lamps, side lamps and other artificial lamps chosen with perfection. Classy and truly utilizing the surroundings, this is a home that works best for its essential detailing, colors and natural elements.

Photos by: Vishal Solanki by Radhika Pandit

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