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Area in and around the Washing Machine – The Most Banal Ideas

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Ideas for placing the washing machine along with design and placement concepts to meet the needs of all types of houses and spaces.

There is no denying that among all the technical advancements in the field of home appliances, the washing machine stands as the most practical device. The concept of loading the machine with clothes and unloading the stuff is too easy and convenient, and almost every modern home has one. While having a machine seems to be too useful, placing the machine is something that every woman has to think about. This post is dedicated to the washing machine and how you can use and place it in the house along with some design ideas.

Under the cover:

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In spite of coming in good modern designs, washing machines are not exactly the items that can add value to an interior. In fact, most people like to keep the machine under the veil. From designing a special place where you can use sliding doors to reach the product to having placed it below the kitchen shelves where no one can see it.
This is a style that works best when the space is limited or you don’t have a special area to be called as the laundry section. In case, you don’t have the space for special cabinet or section, you can choose to add a curtain around a wall and keep your machine and other laundry baskets there.

A complete laundry area:

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It is also a good idea to dedicate a complete place to the washing machine. Some house do have a small section close to the kitchen or bathroom where with a little creativity, you can complete a room for laundry. Apart from the machine, there are other things that can be kept, such as the laundry bags, baskets, buckets, hangers, iron board and iron. These things when kept together create a small but special space that often looks cool as a part of the interior.

Under the shelves:

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washing machine and laundry storage 10

washing machine and laundry storage 11

washing machine and laundry storage 12

If investment and money is a concern, one of the best places to keep the washing machine is below shelves. You can have a few readymade shelves in the kitchen, where you may have a space for the product, or else, designing customized shelves is not expensive at all. What is also good is with a shelf designed above the machine can be used for keeping a few other things. If in the kitchen, you can use the space for regular kitchenware, and in case the machine is in the bathroom, keep your bath set and toiletries, including towels and bathrobes.

Washing machines are used regularly, and that’s the reason you don’t actually want to keep them at places where using them will be tough. Also, ensure the space you choose is not clumsy and there are not many unwanted appliances here and there. Creativity is the key to good ideas here, but what is equally important is to check functionality levels for the space chosen and available.

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