ARREX LE CUCINE’S unique range of wooden kitchen ideas

francesca italian walnut kitchen 03

A range of classic wooden kitchens from ARREX LE CUCINE designed in walnut, cherry nut and oak for all styles of modern homes.

ARREX LE CUCINE brings a range of solid kitchen concepts, designed with the best available wood and amazing styles. With a number of options for the modern home, the wooden concepts bring a choice for every space, no matter large or small. Their ideas are completed with fine finish and hard craftsmanship from the team that yield more value to the designs.

francesca italian walnut kitchen 01

francesca italian walnut kitchen 02

francesca italian walnut kitchen 03

francesca italian walnut kitchen 04

Francesca is the perfect Italian kitchen style that comes in walnut. Making the atmosphere of the room warmer than expected, the design has unique doors that demand instant attention. This design works perfectly for those rooms where there is ample space to offer a dining space with matching dining tables and chairs in the same design.

letizia cherrywood classic kitchen 01

letizia cherrywood classic kitchen 02

letizia cherrywood classic kitchen 03

letizia cherrywood classic kitchen 04

Letizia is fine kitchen design that comes in solid cherry wood in a desired Italian style. The design is unique enough to add charm to every corner of the kitchen. Not to forget, the design keeps the needs of modern appliances in mind and keeps space for everything that is essential.

marina cherrywood kitchen 01

marina cherrywood kitchen 02

marina cherrywood kitchen 03

marina cherrywood kitchen 04

marina cherrywood kitchen 05

Marina from ARREX LE CUCINE is a kitchen concept in cherry wood that is reliable and warmth at the same time. This is the perfect high-quality kitchen that combines the beauty of wood with the needs of the modern kitchen. From complete wooden cabinets to glass cabinet, there is everything that is essential to strike a balance in terms of style and design.

matilde walnut kitchen 01

matilde walnut kitchen 02

matilde walnut kitchen 03

matilde walnut kitchen 04

Matilde is a design in solid walnut that keeps the traditional style in mind while attempting a modern kitchen. With a unique circular design in the center, this is something out of the box and would suit the needs of those families that desire something new.

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