Awesome Lighting Ideas: Light Your Front Yard with These 8 Effective Tips

Improve safety of your home and highlight your landscape features with these aesthetic yet functional outdoor lights.

We all have so many living room lighting ideas. Some of us even dress up our backyards as so many times we socialize with friends and family outdoors. However, what about your front yard? Did you ever think of your front porch while planning fancy outdoor lighting ideas? There are many reasons why you need lighting in your front yard. Apart from accentuating your garden features, it also provides safety to your home and gives your guests a warm welcome while lighting the way.

Illuminate the Steps


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If you have steps that lead to your home, it almost goes without saying that you need to provide safe access by lighting the area adequately. This is important not just for the safety of your guests but also your own.

You should light every step and also light the pathways so that the on-comers can find their way in. This way you will be able to minimize falls and possibility of someone getting hurt on your property.

Lights for your entryway


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This is perhaps the most plausible place to start with when you think of outdoor lighting. However, it is strange how so many people just forget to light it! It is important to light your front yard for obvious reasons. A dark home seems uninviting and can dissuade guests from approaching. Besides, it is also an easy target for thieves if your home is not well lit.

A good idea will be to make your front door appear beckoning. You can install lights on either side of the door and also plant an overhead light on the porch landing.

Light up the Plants


[Root Design]

You can use the uplighting technique to turn the architectural plants into a work of art. By installing uplights at the base of the trees can make them shine and cast some interesting shadows on the walls.

You can also use grouping of trees for uplighting purposes to create focal points rather

Choose a grouping of trees or special focal point plants to illuminate, rather than every plant in your front yard.

Light the Columns and Walls


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If you have stucco walls, courtyard walls, or lower walls lining the edges of your yard, you can add some lights to set them apart and also provide safety from trespassers.

If you have longer walls, then lights as shown, in this image, work best. However, if you have a shorter wall, you can also choose a light fixture that works well.

Dressing up the garage


[Sorensen Architects & Interiors]

Accessing garage at night can be tricky business. You may get a little help from the neighbors’ light but why not have your own? It can be annoying to fumble in the dark, especially when you are pulling out the trash cans. You can use some interesting lights as shown in this image that can make your garage entrance bright and also dress it up a little.

Install Garden Lights

mediterranean-exterior (1)

[Noel Cross+Architects]

Don’t neglect your garden and shower all your love on a few plants. You can use soft lighting to brighten the shrubs and create a cozy, nighttime ambiance. If you have visitors coming over, it can also make up for a welcoming setting. It is not only a great aesthetic feature, but it is also functional as these garden lights allow you to walk in the nighttime without the need for a flashlight.

Security lighting


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If your home is well lit, half your job in dissuading unwanted visitors is already done. Like in this house, the homeowner illuminated not only the entryway but also other sections of the house. This way, the shadows are eliminated and take away any hiding spot for intruders. A figure moving in this kind of light will be visible immediately. There are also lights that can be motion activated and can be placed in areas where you do not want lighting all the time, such as a carport or a yard.

Lighting the House Number


[Ana Williamson Architect]

It can be very annoying when people are trying to look for your house at night, and your address is not visible clearly. Regardless of where your address numbers are positioned, use of adequate lighting can make them bright and visible.

However, the trick here is to position your lights in such a way that it does not cast shadow effect, affecting the visibility of the numbers. The address should always be clear and easily visible from the distance, especially at night.

Front Yard Patio


[Pedersen Associates]

Like in this image, string lights softly light up the front yard porch.

These are some helpful lighting ideas that will make your home not only safe but also welcoming. While choosing outdoor lights, you must ensure that these lights fit well with the style of your home. You can also add more variety to your lights by using different styles. However, don’t forget the beauty of small lights such as candles, lamps, etc. that work perfectly as ambient lighting. You can also use low-voltage landscape lights to illuminate your front yard. Another tip for front light users is not to use solar lights for security purposes as the light offered by these sources is not enough.

For aesthetic reasons, avoid spacing lights together closely. Use a professional to help you define correct spacing and still get the required amount of light without going over the top. Some people also use string lights, LED lights and Christmas lights for special effects on their front yard.

These are just some basic tips to leverage front lighting. You can use other creative ways for lighting your front yard in an effective way.

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