Balancing the Kitchen Counter and Backsplash


The idea of creating the right sync between the kitchen counter and backsplash is more about how one gets started.

With more than many choices available for the kitchen counter and backsplash, it can be often tough to find the right balance and start with a plan. Over the years, the ways of approaches have changed, and that’s the reason, you need to start with either of the many ways that can help you reach a redesigned state. There are styles and materials that you can selectively choose for the backsplash and countertop at the same time, but essentially, they might not fit in together. To make things easy, here are some smart kitchen design ideas and tips that will help you in starting in the right way.


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Opt for the Backsplash First: There are choices of backsplashes that are hard to ignore, and you may fall in love with one of the options even before you look at the countertop options. You can easily start with the same as the number of countertop choices will cut down to a few. If the backsplash is something that’s over the top and creates a statement, opt for a softer looking material for the countertop. This will help you in balancing the materials, because only one can be the center of attention.

The only thing to note here is the matching of colors and patterns, because you don’t want them to be fighting with one another or override the beauty of each other. Mixed patterns and similar color patterns always tend to create a big disproportion to the eyes, which is certainly avoidable. Given the fact that backsplashes can be the center of attention with ease, it makes sense to start out with the material first.

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Reverse the approach: In our part one, we have talked how you can start with the backsplash first, but you can even start with the countertop choice at the first place. While you can still ignore the kind of material for the backsplash, counters are more functional and needed areas, and you must see to the budget, as well. Most of the materials can be expensive, especially when you are looking to balance the needs, and for the colors, the options are limited as compared to backsplash materials. Also, if you are starting with a new kitchen, countertops will be needed first for the steps of construction, so the process of choosing the material first can be quite helpful.

While there is no denying that countertop color choices are limited, it can be a boon in disguise as you can do more experiments with the backsplash. As mentioned earlier, you don’t want to contradict the colors and patterns, so when you go for shopping the backsplash choices, make sure the counter tile or material is with you. Most owners like to keep the counter choices subtle, mainly because more than the pattern or color, you want the space to be sturdy and durable enough. Though limited in shades, the counter material can be a center of attraction, when you choose to get something that becomes the center of attraction.

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Choose both in the same material: When you cannot seem to find the right choice of material for the backsplash, the best idea is to look for the counter material and extend the same. At the first place, this may seem more of an escape for a designer, but essentially, you are making a smart move. Firstly, you have to understand that it cannot be other way around. Most of the backsplash materials are extremely light and don’t serve the purpose of the counter and the heavy work that we do on the countertops of the kitchen. Secondly, this is a best alternative to avoid confusion.

While we are talking of this as a choice, you can often take the idea as a good money saver. Buying the same material in bulk is only going to save you a good amount of money, and this is great when the budget is low. Also, in case, you have purchased extra countertop material that is good enough to be used for most of the backsplash area, you don’t need to invest in a new material.


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Check for help: Many people don’t exactly know how to conceive the right kitchen from the start, and there’s no harm in seeking help. At the end of the day, you need to have some ideas, and an interior expert and his services can come in handy. Yes, you can always mention the color preferences, and they can tell you the options.

Have a balanced kitchen!

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