Bathroom Decoration Ideas: Vintage High Tank Toilets for your Bathroom

The one reason why vintage is so popular is that it is not only class, but also timeless. Check out the exciting ways to use vintage theme in your bathroom.

Over a period of time, there have been a number of renditions for the vintage range of bathroom accessories. It starts right from the claw foot bathtubs and is extended right up to the high tank or the long pull chain toilets. There are many people today who still prefer the ornate looking period bathroom fittings as compared to the modern amenities like heat sensors, backlights, etc. While modern look is definitely convenient, nothing beats the grandeur of an era styled bathroom.

Bridging the gap between today and Victorian Era


[Image – Celia James]

This bathroom as designed by the London Designer Celia James gives the bathroom a very ostentatious display with the use of brass brackets and age appropriate fixtures that speak of an era gone by. The high tank toilets have been used since the Victorian era and were placed at that height to help the gravity build water pressure required for flushing.

Back in the day, the pull chain handles used to be highly elaborate and were made using great design. In this bathroom also, the pull chain uses ceramic handle and other complementary accessories to complete the yesteryear look.

Mediterranean Visual Appeal


[Image – Lisa Gutow Design]

The designer for this bathroom gave this Mediterranean bungalow a mix of ethnicity and timelessness by adding a vintage appeal to the bathroom. Lisa Gutow, the designer, tried to justice to the era of the bungalow by giving the bathroom a classic and non-committal appearance of the bathroom from yesteryears.

Victorian Literature for Inspiration


[Image – roomTEN Design]

This bathroom has been designed taking artistic concepts of Victorian literature that were elaborate, subtle yet powerful and impactful. This bathroom design idea came from that age when simplicity was classy. The bathroom has elements of eccentricity with pull chain toilets and a chrome finish console coupled with an antique mirror, which completes the period look.

Unique and Simple looking Vintage bathroom


[Image – Jessy Krol Interiors]

The clients for this bathroom did not want too many frills, as well as storage as the bathroom was meant for the guests. The designer, Jess Krol, uses a lower high tank toilet in the bathroom to introduce a vintage style of minimalism requested by the client.

The simple and neat looking design lacks the modernity but has all the necessary constituents to make a perfect bath for the guests.  This may not be a quintessential high styled toilet, but works wonders for a sublime and less imposing bathroom.

Industrial Design Inspiration

eclectic-bathroom (1)

[Image – Andre Rothblatt Architects]

This bathroom has to be the closest to the vintage themed bathroom design ideas within industrial premise. The designer Andre Rothblatt designed this one with a steampunk fantasy, which is a fine blend of industrial appearance with science fiction. The bathroom’s eccentricity comes from the elaborate design of the functional yet exaggerated piping system made of copper.

Historical Appeal to a Modern Bathroom


[Image – Boutique Homes]

This British home has a historical looking design with all the modern features. However, the appearance has been kept strictly period looking by reinstating the original features of the house.

 Bathroom Idea inspired by Classic Design


[Image – Joseph Metzler / SALA Architects]

The house owners wanted to add a master bath to their ground floor that could be integrated into the existing design of the house, as well as the décor. The designer, Joseph Metzler of SALA Architects added an alcove completed with pull chain toilet and colourful tiles.

Design Inspiration from History

victorian-bathroom (1)

[Image – Dennis Mayer, Photographer]

The homeowners of this bathroom surely have a love for history, which can be seen through the Victorian styled bathroom of this house. The historical element has been induced in the design with pull chain, high tank toilet and simple styled bathroom with plain tiles and ornate wallpaper.

To introduce vintage theme in your bathrooms around pull chain toilets is not as hard as it may seem. As a matter of fact, with little creativity and from existing designs ideas, you may be able to bring in your own personalization to your classic period bathroom.

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