Bathroom Design Ideas: 7 Tips to give your Bathroom Mediterranean Appearance

Give your bathroom rich and stylish detailing with these helpful tips to transform it into Mediterranean look.

Mediterranean interior style is influenced by the warm colours and sunny landscapes. These styles can be incorporated into your décor to give you a cosy and elegant looking bathroom. Bring out the combination of cultural flavour and luxury to transform your bathroom. Here are some key design ideas and concepts that define this style. You can also use this assorted mix of colourful elements that have been brought into use over many centuries.

Bright colours and stylish Patterns  


[Image – Cassidy Hughes and Interior Design Styling]

Mediterranean concept is driven by primary colours of rusty red, sunny yellow and oceanic blue. They are responsible for bringing in the rich hues that one sees in Mediterranean landscape. Mixing these elements into one can give a quaint Spanish appeal, which makes the space look distinctive.

You can use the handmade tiles that are a great component of a Mediterranean style. However, they are expensive and to save money, you can use just one strip of wall as a focal point while mixing the rest of it with simple ceramic, as in this image.


[Image – Threshold Interiors]

You can also use the common tiles on one wall and leave the rest of the bathroom simple and white. In this image, the wall is covered with oceanic tiles, which are a statement in itself and its simplicity is breathtakingly elegant. The sleek contours of the bathtub make the bathroom look finished in style.


[Image –]

If you are not the one for bold hues in your bathroom, then you can keep it safe and simple by focusing on shapes and lines. Your tiles can be influenced by Moroccan theme, which can be paired with a border in contrasting the colour by using contrasting grout. Use earthy tones to accentuate the décor and a vivacious ambience.


mediterranean-bathroom (1)

[Image – Gordon Stein Design]

One of the best bathroom design ideas to incorporate an element of vintage and historicity is to use Moroccan archways that make your bathroom look instantly exotic. You can also use easy to apply wall murals to expand on this look at a more affordable price.

Play up the Reflections

mediterranean-bathroom (2)

[Image – Kathryne Designs, Inc]

Mirrors are so underrated when it comes to style interior spaces. They are a quintessential element in designing a Mediterranean styled space. They can use many design concepts like colour, pattern, texture and even a shape in just one piece. You can use the ornately styled mirrors with carvings and other patterns if you want to inspire your bathroom with this theme. However, you can also keep it simple to bring in the taste of historical style into your bathroom space.

Lighting for the Ambience


[Image – Lucy Interior Designs]

No interior work is complete without using the perfect lightings to illuminate the area. You can use Moroccan lanterns to invoke soft glow or other ambient lightings to match the core interior. The delicate design of the lantern will work wonders to match with the overall theme.mediterranean-bathroom (3)

[Image – Carla Aston| Interior Design]

Many people to bring out the classic element in their bathrooms follow the lighting ideas of using the ambient pendant lights in the form of lanterns, sconces or vase lamps. The soft glow emanating from the soft piercings of the lantern brings out the rustic appearance without making the bathroom look too country.

In this image, one can notice the use of wood to complement the dark shades of the lantern, which adds to the relaxed feeling and the worn out look.

Accentuate using Wood


[Image – Andrea Schumacher Interiors]

Warm wood tones are so eccentric to Mediterranean culture that they have to be incorporated in the design to do justice to this theme. With the help of their rustic appearance, they are able to enthuse the feeling of relaxation with their soft hues. You can bring out this element by using wooden doors, windows or even a seating area. To match the décor in entirety, try to pick the wood that has visible grain or organic appearance so that it looks natural.

eclectic-bathroom (1)

[Image – Incorporated]

In this image, the wood accents have been used in the wall matching flooring, which has been further designed with the patterned ceramic tiles strip that creates a visual focal point.

Use of Rustic Metal

mediterranean-bathroom (4)

[Image – Schippmann Design]

The use of copper and any other burnished metal can bring in the historical element in the design which is unique to Mediterranean style. However, be sure to not overuse the metal and keep its application on a smaller scale. You can use it in the bathroom accessories to use them in undertones.

Bathroom Rugs

mediterranean-bathroom (5)

[Image – La Casa Builders Inc.]

No Mediterranean theme is complete without the use of oriental rugs. To complement the hard finishes of the bathroom, use of rugs to complement the décor can bring out the best look. In this image, Mediterranean concept is played up with the use of ornate rugs that bind the look together with the wood and the warm hues of the tile. You can also easily change the area rugs when you change the bathroom from Mediterranean look.

These simple design ideas and tips can be very helpful in providing the eccentric Mediterranean appearance to give your bathroom the luxurious appeal and elegance. Use of rich colours and patterns makes the space look warm and cosy and also works wonders with the décor.

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