Beach House Iruveli located in Maldives

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Beach House Iruveli is a classy natural five star property located in Maldives on its northern side and is a complete retreat in every sense.

Situated in the scenic location of the picturesque Maldives, Beach House Iruveli is one of the best 5 star level properties that one can come across. The matchless luxury of the property combined with the white glowing beaches is something that one would love to enjoy.

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The entire retreat is located on a 35 acre private island in the northern most part of Maldives. The jungle filled interiors is all about greenery, and amazing locales around make this place an astonishing wonder to stay and enjoy. The classic retreat features miraculous suites and rooms that are designed in the most posh away possible.

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The interiors of the house are all about modern furniture with a few natural elements of wood and wicker thrown in. The flooring has been mostly done in wood, and there is some astonishing use of wooden furniture. The rooms in many areas open to the pools that seem to extend to the sea. The beauty of the sea merges with the pools, which makes the green settings more interesting and intriguing.

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Inside the retreat suites, the lighting is extremely natural with source lights being used extensively. The lights in yellow and white look stunning alongside the pools and water sources. The architecture is parallel to the needs of the nature with thatched roofs made of natural materials with use of wooden pillars, beams and flooring. Quick getaways to the classy beaches or a simply relaxing along the retreat is perfect enough for a rejuvenating experience. For those who want to make the most of Maldives with best levels of luxuries assured, this classy architectural property is one of the most exciting outings to embark on.

Photos courtesy of Beach House Collection

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