Bedroom Design Ideas: Get your bed to multitask – ways to make your bed do more!


All beds give you a place to sleep, but having them to do more is a nice way to save space, innovate on design and utility. Check some ideas for the bed makeover.

We all know the bed can be a very comfortable place – somewhere you can happily spend the entire day! In homes, which are small or closet space, drawer space or space for certain things is low, design can let the space maximize using the bed. Multiply the utility your bed has by tweaking simple design ideas. To see how, look at the following inspirations.

1: Shelving unit as headboard –

rustic-bedroom (Image – Jean Longpre)

The headboard of this bed is not a simple or cushioned extension like most beds have. Great deal of stuff, your books or DVD collection, decorative items and many more can fit into this shelving unit above the bed. Have a concealed set of shelves – covered with solid doors for stashing away spare sheets, comforters and other bedroom knickknacks.

2: Twin beds with drawers and bookcase –

traditional-bedroom (Cushman Design Group)

This handsome set of beds makes for dual storage type. The drawers are beneath the bed making a nice and tucked off storage. The bookcase not only separates the two beds but also provides ample storage for books, toys, and lamps. Ideal for a room where twins reside, the beds double up as a great storage cum resting space.

3: The footboard cabinet –

modern-bedroom (Deep River Partners)

In an iconoclastic way, this design solves your TV keeping needs for the bedroom. The wall hung unit can be affixed to the footboard so that the bed turns into a comfortable resting place, as well as a lounger to sit and watch your favorite match on. Great integration of technology and aesthetics! Also, provides space and does not inhibit the line of sight.

4: Bookshelf bottom bed –

farmhouse-bedroom (Dan Ruhland Designs LLC)

This handsome bed is more useful than your regular bed. The smart bookshelf added to the base of the bed makes it a lovely and innovative design for a book lover and enthusiastic reader. Not only books, the bed shelf can also accommodate favorite charms, artifacts or other goods for display.

5: The drawer bed –

rustic-kids (Smith & Vansant Architects PC)

This set of beds for children are essentially just beds over drawer chests. Providing ample storage feature for the kids’ stuff like toys, bed accessories, extra blankets and more, this design makes for a mess free, neat look for the otherwise messy children’s room. The bed mattresses are high and thick creating an elevation, which is not just beautiful, but also practical – away from the drawers.

6: The multifunctional headboard

contemporary-bedroom (Ruhl Walker Architects)

For those who crave for new and innovative, this bed plan in an open floor scheme house is a great inspirational design idea. The headboard here not just houses a shelf for little memorabilia and clocks etc.; it also doubles up as a wall for shower and bathroom the other side. Very creative way to use a bed indeed!

7: The contemporary nightstand –

contemporary-bedroom (1) (Mark Hickman Homes)

Not actually a nightstand, this is just an extension of the bed off a few feet both sides – mainly to put your phone, watch, alarm clock and similar stuff. If you are dealing with a room where space is a constraint and you don’t want to clutter it up, this is the ideal way to do a nightstand. For stocking things, the convenient drawers are present on the sides – just bend a little and draw out whatever. Simple and elegant and mess free too!

8: Stylish children’s beds –

contemporary-bedroom (2) (Actual Size Projects)

For the kids’ small needs like toys and shoes, they need somewhere convenient enough to put them. These low beds are the ideal choice with rounded and broad shelves for little items like that. Looks beautiful and works beautifully too.

9: Shelf nightstands –

contemporary-bedroom (3) (Michael Wolk Design associates)

The elegant bed is provided with a smart extension in the form of a double-decker shelf on either side. This eliminates the need of another piece of furniture there – the nightstands or bedside tables. These shelves operate perfectly as nightstands as well as a convenient place to take off the cufflinks, place the phone on charger and other pre-bedtime rituals.

10: Drop leaf desk –

scandinavian-bedroom (Malcolm Davis Architecture)

This bed is an amazing design for a really small space and maybe a single bedroom too. The headboard is actually a fold- in desk and the bed box is another bed for an overnight visitor. A superb design to deal with many furniture pieces in the room, this all in one super bed is any bachelor’s dream. It is easy to keep maintained and very functional too!

11: The funky functional –

midcentury-bedroom (Kropat Interior design)

The bed might look very boisterous and pompous with all the colors and cutouts, but nothing can match the functionality of this design. The cutouts are actually pulling-slots for many drawers this bed houses. The many sized drawers spell convenience and better storage. The lack of any handles or knobs means no painful bruises while getting on and off the bed!

A fun way with beds can yield a nice result in terms of better storage and more functional relevance of the bed. Apart from sleeping on, it can be used for storage and you can ensure a better, clutter-free look with the storage designs. You can also create a design based on these inspirations for your home!

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