Small Bedroom Ideas

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Small abode delights!

With all our busy lives and family time, we turn to our bedroom at the end of the day to relax. The bedroom is one of the most important and comfortable rooms in the entire house. If your bedroom is not made according to your comfort, then you need to rework it soon. If you have a medium sized room then do not fret, you can always find the best small bedroom ideas right here.

Few things you should keep in mind when redoing a small bedroom: -

Furniture fitting

Now, since your bedroom is small, you need to skip on some furniture. You cannot fit in everything in a single small room. If needed, you can always keep your dresser and drawers of makeup plus skincare in your closet if you have extra space there. Else you can take another room to store all these products and things. Blocking the bedroom for all such things is not the best idea. Other than this, if a TV cabinet doesn’t fit then get a small TV fixed on the wall. Besides this, avoid standing lamps anywhere in the room. They will occupy too much space. We have several handy ideas like this in our small bedroom ideas section. So, before you begin your furnishing process, do go through our tips.

Colour theme

Some ways to make your small bedroom appear larger is to use light shades on the walls. Avoid bold or pastel shades and go for something like white, off white and other tones with white in them. You can also opt for a light mauve or lilac shade to add some pop of colour to your room. You can get a detailed report on colour themes in our small bedroom ideas space.

Make it subtle

The lesser cabinets and heavy items in a small bedroom, the classier it looks. You don’t want your small room to look messy by any means, and to avoid this, you shouldn’t keep too many cabinets in the room. Avoid heavy curtains, extra-large bed, chairs, and extra furniture, which are barely required. If you want to keep it completely subtle, then add a huge wardrobe with tons of drawers that fit half in the wall (this saves space), bedside table with lamps, a medium sized bed, and that is it. This is all you need to store your things in. You can add things like a wall mounted TV and a full mirror beside the bed wall if needed.

Add a little glamour

If you don’t like that your bedroom looks simple, then check out our glamorous small bedroom ideas, which have tons of ways in which you can add a glamorous touch to the room.

Are you already hooked to the idea of redesigning your bedroom? Well, we have a bunch of great ideas, so keep on reading to steal the best ones.

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