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Best Ways to Use Wallpaper in the House

The wallpaper and how you can use it is all about little creativity, and this series helps you in making the right choice.

Most people consider wallpaper to be out of fashion, which is why they don’t even consider it for decorating their home. Also, there is another bunch of home owners, who consider wallpapers to be totally unworthy as the price charged is often on the higher side as compared to the maintenance factor. While there is no denying that wallpaper use has changed, but it has never been out of fashion. Also, there are many designs of wallpapers that don’t need any maintenance, and therefore, there is no question of replacing them time and often.

What you need to do is select it for the most expensive rates. Yes, you heard it right. You have to select the most high quality wallpaper that money can buy, and at the same time, it is essential to ensure that the installation is right. It can be used for any flat surface, and there are more than a few choices for all rooms. Check our exclusive interior design ideas post that tells you where the wallpaper can be most versatile.


[Image – megan arquette c/o beachbungalow8]


[Image – Slifer Designs] 

  • For the accented wall: Wallpaper for one accent wall of the room with paint for the rest of the walls matched in a similar style. That’s what the experts suggest for a more vibrant room, and there is no limit to the kind of pattern you can choose. From the geometrical shapes to more classy colors in floral and more, there is something for every room in the house. Also, if you want the wallpapered wall to look more stunning, just leave the rest of the walls and add some paintings and wall art in the hanging style to the main accented wall.


[Image – Leland Interiors, LLC]

  • For the Bathroom: Well, wallpaper as for bathroom design idea is not probably the best idea as the water and steam can cause it to damage. However, for bathrooms that have tile wainscoting, wallpapers are the most perfect solution that just needs to be checked for installation. For ensuring the wallpaper lasts longer, you can also consider adding some more ventilation with addition of windows, especially when you want some structural change.


[Image – Heather Garrett Design]

  • For the Kitchen: If some portion of the kitchen walls is tiled, then you smartly use the portions on the top of the wall for using wallpaper. There is also an option of tiling the area below the shelves and cabinets and adding wallpaper for the rest of the free walls. Wallpaper on the top side of the walls or even away from the cooking need almost no maintenance, at all.


[Image – Martha O’Hara Interiors]

  • For the backsplash of shelves: Old and boring style of shelves can get a new life with the use of wallpaper on the areas inside. This will not just revamp the entire shelf but will also make it look more like new. Also, for shelves where you need to highlight a few essential things such as collectives and decorative pieces, a highlighted back area with wallpaper can work just right.



[Image – Elizabeth Reich]

  • For the entry: If you have a home that is more about simple entrance, you can now change the look with wallpaper. For the stairwell, area of the entrance and even for the hallway that leads to the rooms, this is a wonderful choice that works well within a budget.


[Image- Alice Lane Home Collection]

  • Back of kitchen cabinets: We have talked about how the wallpaper can be a delight for the shelves for the backsplash, and this time, you can choose it for the back of kitchen cabinets. You can highlight and bring an instant charm to the crockery that has been stored, as well as, add glamour to the canisters that otherwise look boring. This idea works well when the walls are in single color because you can then choose contrasting shades.
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