Black Beauty Mariposa in Costa Rica by Kalia

The Black Beauty Mariposa is a vacation home designed by Kalia in Costa Rica.

The Black Beauty Mariposa Villa has been designed by Kalia in the most stunning locations of Costa Rica. Situated in the Black Beauty Village of Ostional in Costa Rica, the house has many things to be loved and admired. Spreading on an area of 4,424 square feet, this contemporary home, with some wonderful interior design ideas, is intended to offer amazing views.


The exteriors: The house construction is mainly of concrete with elements that ensure the best views of the lush mountains around and the classic Pacific Ocean. The property is meant to be booked for vacations, and with that kind of views, the option for visitors is stunning. What makes this house a complete sensation is the inclusion of the front infinity pool and extremely large open spaces that create a sense of modern eco-lifestyle living with the combination of earth and ocean. With the interiors designed to the best levels for enjoying the exteriors, the house is one of its kinds with amazing range of deluxe amenities.


The interiors: The main reason why one can enjoy the beauty of the exteriors is because the interiors are completed with such splendid. From the mosaic floors to the floor to ceiling sliding glass doors and walls of the living, the house connects with the surroundings in perfect measure. While the bedrooms do enjoy a good amount of lighting, the privacy of the rooms and suites aren’t compromised. The use of wood is quite evident all around.


Furniture and lighting: While modern elements of furniture are quite evident, there are also wooden choices used in mixed measures offering some great both indoor and outdoor furniture ideas to the onlookers. For the lighting, the design uses many things including free standing lamps, hanging pendant lights, classic ceiling LEDs and side and table lamps, making every room glow with style.

Photos by: Kalia

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