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Blend the indoors and outdoors for fine living

Bring the beauty of the outdoors in the warmth of the interiors for a more natural living.

Most of us desire a home with a large garden, or when there is a possibility to enjoy the views, we want to make the most of it. The idea of blending the modern living with outdoor living is much like a necessity to connect with the nature. Bridging the gap between the indoors and outdoors would require some excellent creativity, and most of it comes from the construction stage. If you are remodeling your home or building a new, the interior design ideas here can be of great help.


[Image – Charlie Barnett Associates]

  • Oversized glass door: The flow of space between the indoors and outdoors needs to be done in a seamless manner, and for the same, the most banal solution is a large glass door. This can be further more interesting when you choose to use same material for the indoor and outdoor flooring. Ideal for homes where the privacy isn’t interrupted.


[Image – Rossington Architecture]

  • A private entrance for garden: When the master bedroom is on the lower level of the house, all you need for connecting with the outdoors is an extra entrance to the garden. You can just use some fencing if privacy is extremely important, or else, the garden can be a great place for the morning tea and night star counting sessions. Romantic indeed!


[Image – FINNE Architects]

  • Connect with the office: Placing the office on the upper level where there is a chance to get the views can be a great choice to bring the outdoors home. The idea is to align the desk on the side where the views can be enjoyed and creating a good number of floor hugging windows. When the windows can reach as high as the ceiling height, you know the time at work is going to be splendid!


[Image- Ryan Group Architects]

  • The corner window: If you have the right views, getting rid of the corner of the living space or bedroom for a window can be a great way for flawless integration of indoors and outdoors. Rooms that boast of excellent views from all sides can have the most benefit of the corner window. What if you don’t have the great views of the surroundings? Don’t worry, because even the garden looks are quite a pleasure.


[Image – Paul Davis Architects PC]

  • Get rid of the wall: Have seen all those stunning homes that come with the entire detailed floor-to-ceiling glass doors? Yes, there are designers, who ditch the traditional wall and bring the outdoors home with floor-to-ceiling doors made of glass. This design works well when you have a large backyard or home. The only consideration here is the climate, which needs to be moderate, and once you are done; your kids and family can have better access of the outdoors.


[Image – Sam Crawford Crawford Architects]

  • Covered space on the outdoors: When you want to feel the chilly winters or want to enjoy the sea breeze as the condition may be, a large outdoor room can be a great choice. The sheltered and covered decks and areas attached to the house create some excellent options to merge the interiors and outdoors, and there is a pleasure in doing it. Add a fireplace, and you will love the entire concept of living on the edge without actually doing it.


[Image – Butler-Johnson Corporation]

  • A bath in the garden: If you love to bath close to the nature, all you need is a bath area that features a glass wall/door that opens in the garden. Well, the privacy can be one of the major concerns here, but with some shrubs, bushes or bamboo fencing, you can do away with the issue. For more privacy, consider having blinds or simply choose to use thin curtains.


[Image – Ziger/Snead Architects]

  • A patio all around the house: This is one of the most budget solutions for those, who don’t want to remodel the entire house. You can add a patio that runs through all around the house exteriors like a panel. For further decoration, you can add on all kinds of small potted plants, a few chairs and a table for that perfect tea conversation. If you have a large door or glass wall, the connection between the indoors and outdoors seem to be even more perfect.


[Image – JLF & Associates, Inc.]

  • An interconnecting breezeway: If you are designing homes in two different sections, you can choose to connect them through a breezeway that connects, blends, and merges the interiors and outdoors. Some plants around, and you have the sun, moonlight, greenery, air and every other nature element right inside. With a few furniture pieces in the connecting areas, you can ensure that your guests are entertained, as well as, you enjoy your private reading sessions.

Start thinking of the option that suits your home with these easy to incorporate interior design ideas for your home, and you will find outdoor living with the indoors is much more fun and satisfying.

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