Breezing through with summer curtains

Curtains are an important accessory when it comes to the summer months. Summer is a time for green and definitely a lot of heat, even though it is a welcome break after the chilling winters. Just like one is advised to drink a lot of water during the summer months to keep the body cool, similarly there are a few tactics that one needs to apply when it comes to keeping your house nice and cool during the summer months. The best part about summer is that you can now use every part of the house. For example, during the winter months, the porch and the balconies mostly remain unused whereas you can use them as much as you like during the winters.

The most important factor when it comes to summer curtains is the colour. In order to keep the room cool and pleasant, summer curtains need be of lighter shades and what’s better than white? Summer curtains mean white curtains! Here are a few summer curtain ideas with which you can spruce up your home:

  1. Light and breezy bedrooms


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White flowing breezy curtains and open windows work best for the summer months. They allow enough light into the room and give it a pleasant and cool look. It helps in keeping the feel of the room soothing and comforting, which is necessary for the summer months. In fact, white wall paint and white linens for your bed works best for the white lacy curtains for your room. It makes the room an ideal place to relax during the summers.

  1. For the grand white summer bedroom


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If you want a grand yet traditional styled bedroom for the summer, then stick to long French windows and long white flowing lacy summer curtains. Wooden floor and panelling coupled with a chestnut bed completes the entire look. Rough and unpolished look on the furniture too work well in such a combination. However, the walls are best kept white. For the final grand touch, add a traditional chandelier to the room.

  1. The summer patio


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After the chilly and windy winters, the summers are all about soaking in the sun and enjoying the warmth. It is mostly a time to be spent outdoors. Thus, it is crucial that your spruce up your patio this time of the year. Keep wooden panels to hang the white silky curtains from there. Hang them in such a way so that if need be the curtains can be drawn and cover the entire patio. A stone gravel path looks good with it, but you can decorate it with plants as well. Keep antique styled furniture for the patio. You can also go for candles or a lamp for the summer evenings. This is a nice place to sit and catch up with friends during the summers.

  1. Cosy little summer balcony


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Balconies make the perfect places to spend the lazy summer afternoons. You can sit and relax with a book in your hand, sipping a glass of iced tea during the summers in your balcony. Curtains are very necessary for your balcony. Keep them long and flowing so that they float beautifully with the summer breeze and make enough room for the light to filter in through the glass wooden panelled doors. You can also opt for softer shades like baby pink or baby blue, depending on the wall colour of your balcony. This can be your little escape place in the summers.

  1. Softening your eating area


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Eat-in kitchens are some of the major trends that one will come across in various houses these days. They help in saving space and make it even more convenient while serving food. Short white curtains work really well for such eat in kitchens. They can be of softer shades like pink or white. If you kitchen walls are white, then you can opt for white lacy curtains for the summer. If the walls are not white, then go for pastel shades like pink or blue or very light shades of green.

Curtains during the summer help in adding a different taste to the room. Summer is all about sunshine and letting the sun in the room and hence white curtains work best for this season!

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