Bright ideas for the garden – More ideas – Part 2

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More ideas on making the garden full of colors through accents in some of the most unconventional things and objects.

Gardens are always a place meant for casual walks and conversations, and in our previous post we talked of bringing changes in the garden with color accents in furniture and flower pots. Colors are obviously about creating moods, but when it comes to the gardens, we are often restricted by ideas. Moving forward, we talk of some other ideas that work in bringing summer in the garden. Here, we will talk of the ideas that need a little courage to be completed, but if you can try any of these, you will love the changed garden of the house.

Complete the walls and fences:

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bright garden ideas 02

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Garden walls and fences that keep your house guarded can be a good way to renovate the entire garden space. You can look for garden fences that are in colored choices or else, you can make time and paint the old fence and give it a new life. Depending on the kind of fence you have, you can opt for multiple colors or just choose one color that works for the entire area. A perfect idea for bright garden without having changed anything inside it!

Pergolas of the garden:

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If you are lucky enough to have a garden that has a pergola, getting it painted can be a good way to bring colors. The good thing is you may require doing something about arbors and pergolas at some point of time because no matter whether in wood or metal, they tend to loose shine. Thankfully, there are many colors that you can choose from, but do keep in mind that whatever you opt for, people are going to check even from a distance.

Umbrellas and awnings:

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Most people like to have awnings and umbrellas in the garden to relax in the sunlight or in general in the day time. These are very changeable stuff and you can always choose to buy something in bright colors. This is one of the few possible options where prints may work perfectly for the garden as the colors are more on high virtual space. Look for colors that are easier to the eyes and steer clear of being simply sober!

Lanterns and lamps:

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Garden lights in bright colors might be the perfect solution for day and night alike. During the day, the lamps can be your summer accents among the green plants and pretty flowers, while during the night they can glow and shine. From traditional hanging style lights from India to more subtle chain of lights or even standing lamps, there are options that anyone would fall for. If you are choosing fabric lights, make sure the fabrics are removable for the weather change.

Among the other ideas, you can look for paving the walkways and pavements in colored pavers and tiles as per requirements. In case you have bridges in the garden, those can be an excellent choice, as well.

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