Building the Ideal Home Office

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Home offices are becoming more and more common and while they differ greatly depending on what kind of work you do there are a few common things that make a home office great. The best home offices are ones the emulate the best that both home and office have to offer. Many people oftentimes argue that one can’t be as productive at home as they would be in the office. While this sentiment may hold true for some people it doesn’t have to hold true for you! The best way to combat these stereotypes about people that work in home offices is to create the perfect space that combines the best of working in an office with the convenience and ease of working at home.

The flipside of this stereotype is that oftentimes the reality looks very different. Many people end up doing more work when the work from home since there never really is a time when the office is out of reach. It’s as if you live in the office! Setting boundaries is key to creating the perfect home office environment. If you don’t set any boundaries you’ll find that you’re always working when you shouldn’t be. You’ll find that with all of the resources necessary to work your job at your fingertips you may be spending less and less quality time with your family. That’s not the goal of a home office! The goal of a home office for many is exactly the opposite. Many people enjoy not having a commute and the fact that they can be with their family for lunch breaks and see them earlier in the evenings. This is why setting boundaries is so important. Some people may even want to lock up their office at the end of the day to remind them that that part of their day is over and it’s now time to enjoy themselves with family and loved ones.

Now that you’re aware that boundaries need to be set let’s start creating the perfect environment for you! Like we mentioned earlier each home office will have different needs depending on what kind of business you work for or own. That being said there are several things that all great home offices have in common. The main thing you want your office environment to promote is productivity. How does one do that? Here are a few key components to a productive environment:

● Good lighting
○ Natural light is best
● Tidy spaces
○ Cutting out clutter is a great way to cut out negativity
● Organizational products
○ Having your space properly organized is crucial
● Color
○ Science tells us that color can have a huge impact on our mood
○ Be sure to include colors that promote good energy
● Proper tools
○ Be sure to include everything that you need to do your job well
● Comforting decor
○ Including decorations that comfort you are helpful to productivity as they reduce stress
● Office staples
○ Combining classic office components like branded products with comforting home decor is key
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Now that you know the key components to creating an ideal home office and that setting boundaries is important to your work-at-home success, you’re ready to take on this amazing project of combining home and office!

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