Dining Room Lighting Ideas

Change the outlook of the lighting in your house


Who doesn’t want to enhance their house with the best lighting tricks? These designer hacks will help you put the perfect mix in every room!

If you sit down and think, lighting is the easiest plus inexpensive way to change the attire of any room in the house. If you are looking to go grand with the lighting in your house, you are at the right destination.You can try these tricks in several rooms in your house. We have some key designer tricks that will not only brighten up the room but also bring cosiness to it. You will be surprised to see at the end how lights make such a huge difference in the development of every room. Continue reading if you are looking for some genius and stylish lighting tricks…

  1. Consider the space!


    Source: Jacob Termansen

If you want good lighting in your house, consider the space and how you will use it. If you are planning to put long lamps, you need to question yourself asking whether this light will often be used in this space or not? If the lighting arrangement will not be used enough, there is no need of fixing it there. Like shown in the picture, all the spotlights are focused towards the bookshelf and not on the sofa set.

  1. Go with the décor flow!


Source: Photography by Chad Jackson
If you have a certain type of furniture in the room, follow this pattern for the lights as well. If your house has a very classy or vintage look to it, go for a huge quirky Chandelier in the middle of the room. Try fixing traditional lamps around or spotlights to enhance the theme of your abode. You can clearly see what we are explaining in this picture. If you want genius living room lighting ideas, you should try this hack. You can see how bright and classy the living area looks with theme-based ideas.

  1. Three ways to enhance lights!


[Lisa Wolfe Design, Ltd]

  1. The first step is to go for ambient lighting, which illuminates the room. You can go for fancy adjustments like torchieres, ceiling lights, sconces, etc. You should make sure the light is bright and provides just the right amount of light to that particular space. For instance, you can see how the ceiling fixture is giving a bright light to the dining table. It is not restricted only to the table, but the main focus is to illuminate the dining area space. This trick works wonders for those looking for dining room lighting ideas.


[Source: Jancy Ervin Interiors]

  1. The second step is to focus on a task light. You need to put a lighting that only highlights a certain area. This is important for those people, who have a reading corner or need special light for cooking in the house. Like you can see in this picture, the light is focused on the sofa chair only and is not spreading across the entire room.

    traditional-family-room (1)
    [Source: Edwina Drummond Interiors]

  2. The third step is to fix accent lights. This highlights a specific artistic thing or area of the room. If you have an architectural object in the room, you can go for accent lighting fixtures every place. This is like the icing on a cake. It just adds a finishing touch to the house. For instance, in this living space, you can see how strategically one spotlight has been fixed right above the lovely picture above the fireplace.
  3. Location matters a lot!

traditional-family-room (2)

[Source: jessicalagrange]

Don’t waste your money on fixing lights at places that don’t require it. Focus on the right locations when finalising lighting for all the rooms. In this picture, the main focus is on the dining table because that is where the maximum light is required. You need to make sure you choose the right location because putting lights randomly in the house is not going to help accentuate the attire of every detail in your abode.
These easy to go hacks will not only change the attire of your house but also bring in a new vibe to it.

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