Chelsea Town House in Chelsea, London, by Moxon Architects

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Chelsea Town House is located in Chelsea, London, and has been designed by Moxon Architects with the prime intention of ensuring natural lighting.

Moxon Architects, known for their excellent creations, has designed the Chelsea Town House. Located beautifully in Chelsea, London, England, the home features a very well completed brick façade, which serves as an element for instant attraction, while the interiors are equally surprising. The house has been designed from the scratch with an intention of offering better rooms, which is larger than the original setting. The entire house from the exteriors looks like the perfect setting where one would like to wake up to the sparkling morning light.

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Inside the house, the main purpose of enhancing natural lighting has been achieved through large windows in every room. Most parts of the interiors have been completed in portions of wood, and the fine-looking oak staircase is one of the main attractions of the house. The staircase has been designed with such a height that the natural light from the windows reaches the lower ground floor easily. There is also a beautiful high level library featuring a complete writing desk that can be pulled out as needed. For the storage options, there are secret compartments that can keep all the essentials.

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The walls of the house are in a smooth white finish, while the flooring has been completed in white marble. The entire house features work in wood with pieces of furniture chosen from modern furniture collections in white to set the theme right. Apart from the large windows, the lighting is mostly infused in the ceiling, giving a soft feeling after dark. The house has a small area that keeps space for gardening, as well. A truly modern house for a truly modern family in a small but well used space.

Photos by: Simon Kennedy

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