Choose Perfect Pillow for a Good Night Sleep

A good pillow is a precursor of good night sleep. Choose the perfect pillows for your bed that will promise a night of good sleep.

It is a fact that a normal person spends one-third of their day sleeping. However, what ensures that your 8-hour beauty sleep is restful and refreshing; you need to make certain that the quality of your pillows is good. Choosing a wrong set of pillows can mean a night of tossing and turning and some cases even sleepless night. Here are some tips when you set out to buy that perfect pair for your bed and will provide you the perfect headrest.

Choose the perfect filling in your pillow


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A lot of what you choose depends on what you are as a person. However, before you take that choice and transform it into ideal comfort, you need to know what kinds of filling are available in the market and which one is the best fit for your personality.

If you are one of those who believe in sleeping like a baby, then your ideal fit will be a pillow that has feather filling. These pillows will provide your head the warmth in cold nights and also give you additional comfort as soon as you set your head on them. When you are looking for fine quality, check the fill power, which means the amount of filling that the pillow has. A simple math will indicate that more the filling would mean longer durability and more plumpness.

There are also hypo allergic versions of these pillows available that have the comfort of down, but will not cause any allergic reactions that can irritate the skin. They also lack the pointy edge of feathers that can poke through the covering and cause minor irritations during the night.


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There is another variety available called the springy foam that can wrap itself around your head when you lie in and will retain its original shape when you wake up. It is adaptable to your nightly movements and can be a good choice if you do not sleep easy and are mostly restless during the night. It is also a perfect solution for people with neck and spinal problems as it is helpful in weight distribution proportionately. The only problem or perhaps a downside to this otherwise amazing variant is that it can be slightly expensive.

However, you can go for polyester filling in the pillow which is relatively cheaper than memory foam or down variety but still manages to hold its position during the night fairly well. The only point to note is that these pillows may not be as durable as their expensive counterparts.

There are also other options such as specialized or natural fillings like buckwheat hulls that are just as comforting. They are also capable of shifting as per your weight and come with natural latex that prevents the formation of mildew, mites and mould due to its breathability.

Size Matters


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When it is about buying the right kind of pillow for a perfect good night sleep, then one cannot ignore another important aspect which is the size. There are three factors surrounding this aspect such as size of the bed, the number of pillows that will be required and how will you use these pillows. A great pillow will be the one that corresponds to the size of the mattress, that is, standard, queen or king.

However, that does not mean that there are hard and fast rules to this aspect. You can also invest in an oversized pillow to get greater comfort while feeling cosy on a much smaller bed. If you are the one to read in bed, then it would be a good idea to buy smaller pillows that you can layer up against the head rest to provide reading comfort. Even, if you have a king sized bed, you can put a standard sized pillow that can be a great surface to put your head on.

Choose the softness level

Regardless of what style of pillow you choose, from down to synthetic, a lot of its comfort depends on the way it is packed. If the filling has been stuffed tightly into the casing, then it would make a firm pillow. On the other hand, less filling would mean looser and softer pillow. There are many showrooms these days that will let you try the pillow on the mattress before you buy them for your bedroom.  

Know your Sleeping position

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The height or the loft of the pillow depends on the way you sleep. The sleeping position will determine the kind of support you need from your pillow. If you sleep on your back or stomach, then you would prefer to sleep on a much flatter pillow that helps in keeping your neck aligned to the rest of your body. However, if you like to sleep on your side, then you need a loftier pillow, which keeps your head and neck propped in the proper position.

Do not Ignore Specialized needs

If you have specific situations, then you can also look for options that are suitable to your conditions. There are many pillows available in the market that accommodates special needs. For instance, people with allergies can buy a pillow that has particular covering or filling which can prevent the dust or mites to creep into the casing. If you are a snorer, then there are pillows in the market that can keep your neck and head in such a position that it prevents your airway from compressing.

These handy tips can be used to pick out the best option to make sure that you sleep well every night after a day of long and tiring work. Gone are the days when we slipped into the market to buy a pillow mindlessly and still wonder why we couldn’t sleep as well as they said we would, after we buy their product. It is time to make smart choices with these small tricks to give you a perfect night’s sleep.

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