Choosing Curtains for Kid’s Room – Smart Ideas Revealed, Part 1

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Simple tips to choose curtains for the children’s room with ideas on colors, objects, lighting and fabrics.

The window might be just a source of lighting and decoration for the room of adults, but for the kids, windows are more like interpretations of the outer world. While we have talked a lot about how curtains should be chosen and used in rooms of adults, the topic of curtains in children’s room is something we haven’t discussed yet. Kids are all the more sensitive than adults, and therefore keeping their psychology in mind is essential. You may find children susceptible to irritants and may have issues with the fabric. Also, even the toddlers have numerous ways of learning from the things around.

curtain for kids room 01

What to know:

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The first thing to keep in mind is the lightness of curtains, so that when you need to clean them often, the task remains easy. On the second note, make sure that you don’t choose dark colors, themes and shades that often tend to cast to a dark spell. It is also good to choose a layer of colors that work for the daytime and evening hours with equal ease. Every passing age makes life complicated, so the younger your child is, the more simple and spontaneous designs and patterns. Keep in mind that the colors we are looking for are essentially light and bright, and nothing shady.

Choose smooth curtains:

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The complex designs of adult curtains are not desired by the kids, so don’t try much for sophistication. Keep the detailing as simple as possible with use of flowing and smooth curtains. The fact remains that curtain for the kids need to be as uncomplicated as possible, so that they can draw ideas from the shapes, designs and more and keep learning new things.

Choose additional pelmets:

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Most designers insist on choosing pelmets for the curtains, which is placed on the top with designs that are more about life and learning. It is pertinent to mention here that pelmets are expensive investments and need maintenance. You can look for all kinds of natural things like sun, animals, flowers, clouds, moon and stars. Also, the design factor is something that you must keep in mind. The curtains with pelmets on the top should essentially be in one color and must be devoid of mixed prints and effects.

How to choose colors:

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Moving on to the colors, if the background and walls are in off-white and lights shades, the curtains can be essentially bright and elegant. On the other hand, when the walls are colored, you can look for white curtains that have accents of the wall colors. Those transparent and light flowing curtains are often more desirable than prints and patterns because children like rooms to have more light. It is best to look for desired fabrics that allow passing light, and here even the transparent fabrics will do wonders. Bright colors of curtains also look excellent sans those intricate details, so check for more likeable shades and options.

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