Choosing the right depth for your Kitchen Sinks

Ergonomically suitable kitchen sink is a must to avoid achy backs and sore necks. Here is how you can pick one for yourself.

It is always better to have a nice and wide kitchen sink for the ease of working and enough room to prevent obstructions. It is mandatory for not only enough space to cook and clean but also make it a comfortable working space. This is one of the most important aspects to be considered when looking for kitchen design ideas. A deep sink bowl is a good choice for your kitchen to hide the dirty dishes, and especially, helpful for people with short height. Here are some useful tips to pick one that is best suitable for your kitchen, as well as your body.

Kitchen sink depth ergonomics

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Sink interior design

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The bowl depths of the kitchen have been growing consistently for some time. Earlier, the depths of the sink were not more than 6 inches or even less. However, as of today, it has grown to 8-10 inches on an average. In some cases, it can even go as deep as 12 inches depending upon the user’s preference. If you end up using an old vintage sink for your kitchen, the chances are that it will be on the shallower side.

Ergonomic kitchen sink

When do you need a shallow sink?


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A shallow depth of the bowl up to 8 inches is an ideal depth for someone, who is shorter than 5 feet 4 inches. It is also beneficial for a very tall person over 6 feet in height. A shallow bowl is helpful for a shorter person by allowing easy access to the dishes at the bottom of the sink. They may not have to lean all the way down to pick up the dirty dishes, which can cause ache in the back. Taller people, on the other hand, don’t have to crouch too much by working in a shallow kitchen bowl.

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Sink depth

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In the sink cabinet, shallow sinks require lesser space and free up a lot of room to make for more storage. You can also easily install the plumbing fittings and garbage disposal system that become easier to access. Not to mention that, they cost lot less than the deep variants.

Depth of kitchen sink

Pick the one suited for your height


Kitchen sink depths

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When you are selecting a kitchen bowl, be sure to pick one that is complemented by your height. It is all about finding the right one and how do you wish to use it in the kitchen. You must do your research well in the showrooms that have kitchen sinks on display so that you can see real time, which one meets the purpose. The sink depth should feel natural and effortless for comfortable working.

Sink depth kitchen

When will you need a deeper kitchen sink bowl?


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If you have a house that gets plenty of dirty dishes after each meal, then you need a deeper kitchen sink bowl. You will also get additional space for prep work before every cooking session, and you would be able to hide all the dirty dishes until you wash them. This type of sink is ideal for bakers or someone who uses large utensils a lot. Depth should be anything up to 10 inches or even more, as per your personal preference. You will not only be able to place all the big utensils easily but also prevent water splash while you are washing them.

12 inch deep kitchen sinks


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Average depth of kitchen sink

Don’t forget that with large sink bowl, plenty of space is used up at the bottom. Also, a lot of space is wasted due to countertop thickness. This can be avoided if you use a raised sink grid as is shown in this image.

Shallow kitchen sinks

Choosing the right kitchen sink bowl is simple and does not need too much technical insight. You need to see the one that is ergonomically suitable to your body height and is also amicable with the rest of the décor in your kitchen. These tips will help you in making a sound selection on the basis of additional information, and also, the logic that is behind each choice. Be sure to do a proper research online as well as the stores before you make that final purchase. It will be value the time you spent!

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