Choosing the Right Style for Kitchen Cabinets

mixed style kitchen cabinets

Creative ideas to choose styles, designs and materials for the kitchen cabinets for more varied and better options in practicality and functionality.

Kitchen cabinets define many things about style, design and practicality, so much that often these can be center of attraction. Deciding on the kind of cabinets you need is much dependent on the space available and the budget allotted. In most kitchens, cabinets are much required essentials, so making the right choices is important. Here are some smart ideas for choosing the right kitchen cabinet style, which you can choose according to the personalized needs.

On display:

kitchen cabinets on display

[Image – Jack Viks]

Kitchen cabinets don’t actually need to be about the closed wooden style. The display style kitchen cabinets made of glass or any other transparent fronts can make space to store crockery in style. Not to forget, the glass style display cabinets do play a lot of tricks with light and visual space, so the kitchen can look larger than it actually is.

Flip-up and pocket doors:

flip up doors kitchen cabinets

[Image – Camber Construction]

Rather than looking for the regular open and shut drawers, it is quite stylish to look for doors in the flip up and pocket style. For storing things in style and keeping essentials under cover gets much easier with these styles. Of course, this also breaks the monotony of regular kitchen open style cabinet doors.

Traditional kitchens with display and drawers:

traditional kitchen with display and drawers

[Image – Summerour Architects]

The classic old style has some kind of boldness attached to it, which is why the designers continue to put them to use. Most of the classic and traditional kitchens had a huge number of drawers that are meant for spoons and all kinds of serve-ware. Glass doors with paneled fronts also make for amazing display choices for those expensive dishes.

Open shelving:

open shelving industrial kitchen

[Image – PLACE architect ltd]

Many people having a liking for those racks and open style shelving because working with them is always easy and convenient. You don’t need to search out for things and can keep things in an order. However, keeping these kinds of kitchen cabinets maintained can be quite a trouble. This is mainly because the things are in the open, and even a little of disorder can ruin the entire look.

Eco-friendly materials:

eco-friendly kitchen cabinets


Many home owners like to go green with the materials they choose for the kitchen work. There are recycled materials apart from various eco-friendly materials that you can choose from. Check your yard to find a range of furniture that can be reused in designing the kitchen.

Choosing mixed styles:

mixed style kitchen cabinets

[Image – dement harris design]

Most of the cabinets in modern kitchens are often borrowed from all kinds of styles and designs mixed together. If you are inspired with more than one idea, it can often make more sense and you can find more practical and functional solutions designed in balance. Look for better choices in hardware and main material along with the colors that you would like to use.

At the end of day, kitchen cabinets are meant to ensure everything is in order, and getting that in style and design is an achievement.

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