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Classic Style Modern Kitchen Designs from WARENDORF

american kitchen

WARENDORF brings a collection of designer kitchen ideas that create different moods with every theme with ideas used from classic and modern kitchen designs.

WARENDORF is a fine design company designing kitchen ideas that create an impression at the first look. With the skills of an accomplished designer, the company brings everything that a modern home would need and think while having style and functionality in mind. Their collection of kitchen interior themes is highly refined and polished with classic feel attached to every corner with use of many design ideas.

country house kitchen

Classic interior theme with walnut worktop for the inland table and stone worktop for the smart L-shaped lining that gives the kitchen a very old feeling of those country houses. Walnut veneer is used for rest of the tops while the classic units of the wall have a front glass panel that ensures some things are ready for display. Romantic and practical, this one is all about the old school designing!

american kitchen

This is the kitchen design that steers clear of the traditional wall units and comes with a Tineo veneer finish. For adding lightness to the design, a slim glass worktop has been used with a wall unit for maximum contrast. Also, there is the fine bench styled dining table that creates an era for futuristic living with style. A kitchen idea with best use of wall and space!

country style kitchen

This kitchen theme relies on a number of varied design elements, so that the scope for personalization and style is retained. With few elements from country kitchen, this one also comes with lighting consoles for the wall panels for a modern appeal. With so many ideas blended in one, this one retains a stylish appeal and becomes the perfect space for showing some culinary skills and starting a few engaging conversations.

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