Cleaning up the children’s room – Best ideas revealed: Part 1

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Elegant and functional ways of storing toys in a kid’s room with use of baskets, benches, crates and more.

Most parents who have kids below the age of seven complain about the condition of the room after a tiring day. The problem of littering is not just common among the young, but even the teens seem to have a tough time in keeping the house clean and neat. In this particular post, we will just talk about the ways of keeping the toys in place.

There is no denying that toys are early ways of learning for any kid, and even the adults seem to like the idea of having a common time with games with children. However, the disorder of the place is not something to be liked, and that’s the reason it is essential to teach the children to organize. They must know what it takes to take out a toy from somewhere and put it back to place. Here, we have highlighted some of the easiest and convenient ways to store to toys in the rooms of children, especially in those rooms where kids play all the time.

Option one- Boxes, crates and more:

space organizing box 01

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Boxes are smart and easy ways to store a few essential toys, especially those soft toys and games of small size. The main advantage of box is the storage option is much within the shell, which means no matter how cluttered the toys may be, the box will keep things under cover. Crates are, in general, open and extremely easy to use. You can place the crates to store the toys in the open, which is an excellent way for organization.

Option 2- Baskets and bags:

space organizing basket 01

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If there is no space to keep a large box or crate, baskets and bags of small sizes can do wonders. You can place as many baskets and bags as you want under the bed, table or wherever there is space. From bags made from simple materials to more eco-friendly choices in wicker and bamboo baskets, the options are decent enough to suit any kind of room and theme.

Option 3- Wall shelves:

space organizing wall shelves 01

space organizing wall shelves 02

space organizing wall shelves 03

Wall units are excellent ways of keeping the toys in display and can serve purpose in more ways than one. Firstly, wall units can be placed at a greater height where you may not want your children to access all the time. When you want your kids to stay from toys all the time, it is best to choose high wall shelves. Also, the toys stored on the walls look better and can add decorative value to the room. Secondly, if you are willing to teach your kid the idea of storing things, this can be a good idea.

Option 4- Benches and divans:

space organizing sitting 01

space organizing sitting 02

space organizing sitting 03

Think of those children benches that come with a storage unit below. These are more like multifunctional units of furniture that can serve two purposes at the same time.

Make sure you mark the boxes and baskets to help the kids learn!

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