Comfortable Armchair Cuatro for That Amazing Comfort

chaise cuatro lounge chair

Ricardo Garza Marcos comes with a surprising and sober armchair Cuatro made of molded plywood with leather upholstery in white for superlative comfort!

Ricardo Garza Marcos is one of the finest design companies from Mexico offering quality designs in wood for a varied of interior and exterior items. Known mainly for bringing the best out of wood and its different textures, the company has a league of its own with designs that appeal for every home.

chaise cuatro lounge chair

Cuatro means ‘Four’ in Spanish, and that’s what the design of this arm chair is all about. The complete design is created out of wood with the base of steel for free standing. The design of this arm chair is all about mixing the best of comfort levels with style and elegance. The main chair is created out of molded plywood with a natural look of wood that has an extremely sober and delicate appeal. Thanks to the natural color, this arm chair from Ricardo Garza Marcos should fit into any kind of interior theme effortlessly.

chaise cuatro lounge chair

The style quotient gets a huge boost with leather upholstery that comes in a contrasting white color. The design has no unnecessary details, which makes the design universally appealing. The armchair can be combined with a foot table designed in the same color and same leather upholstery for that amazing comfort. This armchair is just the right thing for watching TV or having quiet reading session. After a day’s hard work, this chair is exactly what one would look for a relaxing coffee.

chaise cuatro lounge chair

Cuatro from Ricardo Garza Marcos can fit in the living room, drawing room, bed room or even in the balcony to have a breath of fresh air. The style elements are easy to the eyes and the design is conceptual and innovative in every sense.

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