Creative Designing Ideas: Textures to make your Rooms Lively


Stimulate all your senses with these interesting textures, especially the touch. Explore these textural pieces to engage your sense of touch.

It is not just about creating a visual appeal in the room, but also about how the room feels physically. However, there are very few people, who go the extra mile to make decisions involving textures that connect you to space at a physical and sensory level. Texture helps in attainment of many objectives like comfort, drowning the noise, visual depth, etc. Here are some creative design ideas and examples of what all you can do with the flat surfaces that are often overlooked when being designed.

Blend the Soft with Rough


Image: Tamara Magel Studio

In this home, the colours have been kept simple but the effect of the room is beautiful. When looked closely, there is much more to it than the monochromatic colour palette. One can see a fine blend of contrasting textures that are at work. The matte black wall and the white painted brick wall looks rough, which has been complemented by the softness of the bed throw and the rug that is made of natural fibres. The ceiling and the artwork are also made of textured materials to balance the décor.

Play with the patterns 


Image: Cassidy Hughes Interior Design & Styling

Furniture is the best way to bring in the range of texture in the house. In this house, the Ligne Roset sofa looks comfortable and acts as a point of interest in the room. The soft fabric is matched with the rough brick walls, which contrast and complement at the same time. This room has an instant cosy appeal with its matching fabric and décor.

Bring the warmth through Relaxing Hues


Image: Lindsey Lang Design Ltd

Raw natural materials have a way of introducing the warmth into the room. This is the reason why they are being used so extensively in the décor these days. In this image, the wood panelling and the farmhouse table are the perfect spot to cosy up with the family members while the soft hues of white, grey and blue make the room look cool.

Mix and Match


Image: Avocado Sweets Interior Design Studio

The ribbed porcelain tiles used in this bathroom is a practical design. However, apart from their functionality, they also add to the visual appeal and stimulate the feet. The irregular surface makes the light bounce off the surface for a playful and elegant impact.

Create Interesting Ceiling effect


Image: Found Associates

Gone are the days when the ceiling used to be plain white and boring. One of the living room interior design ideas that caught the designer is the use of textured ceiling that creates a point of interest, as well as a visual focal point like in the image. You can also consider textured wallpaper or plaster moulding or even expose wooden beams for additional character.

Ripple Effect


Image: Gregory Philips Architects

The garden wall in this house has been textured to create a ripple effect, which gets played up due to strategic placement of the lights. It is an ideal evening spot due to its peaceful vibe created by the wall and the play of lights.

Introduce Luxury with leather


Image: Avocado Sweets Interior Design Studio

Nothing spells luxury the way leather does. In this house, the headboard has been made of leather that also acts as a room divider. The room’s contemporary design has been complemented with concrete light fittings that keep the look fresh and appealing.

Tie in the Design

transitional-living-room (1)

Image: Stephen Fletcher Architects

Tufted ottomans are a must have not just for their stunning visual impact it has on the room, but also for its use and functionality. In this house, the tufted ottomans act as statement pieces and tie the design into one another. The softness of the room’s décor is augmented by the leather chair and the rug, which quietly blend into the room’s décor.

Underfoot Grass for the Garden


Image: Chris Snook

Artificial grass is easy to maintain and also adds to the joy of walking bare feet with its soft texture. No need to maintain a real lawn as this underfoot grass will serve the purpose in a good way. Create a relaxing terrace garden or a balcony where it is not possible to add natural turf.

Add visual depth to a neutral room


Image: Cornish Interiors

If you are not much of a colour loving person, then you can create an interest in your room by using texture. In this room, many items such as natural wood and the touch-me throw with the same patterned rug add wonders to the décor.

The fine blend of textures is a good way to feel many things at the same time. It not only engages your physical sense of touch but also breaks the monotony of using boring interior décor choices. You can simply alter your fabrics from time to time and create newness to your design.

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