Daniel’s Lane Residence in Sagaponack, New York by Blaze Makoid Architecture

daniels lane residence 01

Daniel’s Lane Residence is a huge house located in Sagaponack, New York and has been designed by Blaze Makoid Architecture with stunning views of the ocean.

Well known Blaze Makoid Architecture, which is an American architectural firm, has designed the Daniel’s Lane Residence, which is a stunning mansion of extreme value. This is a modern home with two storeys with the frontal portion designed in wood without taking into too many details. Offering panoramic views of the ocean, this house is a clear example how designs can make any place look stunning enough to be loved.

daniels lane residence 03

The exteriors of the house is a clear reflection of what one can expect outside with use of large sliding walls made of glass offering unhindered views of the ocean. The vegetation around the house has been retained to the best possible extent, and the area has been left free for views and air. The façade has a large pool with stunning furniture meant for relaxing around, while the interiors is all about sophisticated living. The fireplace is designed in the living room where the furniture elements are chosen with great care.

daniels lane residence 05

Mostly on the modern lines, the sofas are extremely stylish, and the furniture around the dining area and kitchen is in a mix of wood and other elements. The bedrooms have wall to wall windows offering breathtaking views of the ocean with the fabrics in white and furniture in wood mixed with large white curtains. Portions of the walls, cabinets and flooring have been completed in wood, making the design come naturally to the visitors.

daniels lane residence 06

The flooring is mostly in marbles with an open staircase designed with beautiful looks. Lighting is in varied forms with pendant and hanging lights used in certain parts. The house also features an extended area in the open where a dining and living space welcomes the guests.

Photos by: Marc Bryan-Brown

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