Dazzling beauty of Katikies Hotels in Oia, Greece

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The transparent beauty of Katikies Hotels in Oia, Greece with extensive use of white for the interiors and exteriors combined with remarkable lighting solutions.

Katikies Hotels in Oia, Greece is one of the few hotels where one can actually feel the absolute ecstasy at the first glance. Picking the best elements of Greece, the hotels features bare white walls which combine gorgeously with the bright and clear blue sea. The hotel looks over to the sea and offers an ambience that evokes depth and emotions. No wonder why it is counted as one of the best opulent boutique hotels in the world.

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Like most authentic parts of Greece, here everything is in white. Kudos to planners of the hotel, who have made the most of the location, ensuring unparalleled views from every room! White is the color that rules the exteriors and interiors alike. Combining with the blue of the majestic waters of the sea around, the hotel features a blue swimming pool that seems to meet the sea from a high point.

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There is exceptional attention to the use of furniture and lighting for all portions. The furniture, right from the bed to pool side recliners, everything is in white. The flooring in many rooms has been done in a very subtle finish of wood, giving a striking balance to the white decor around. With some portions of the cabinets and furniture also being in wood, every room looks like a place for relaxation, meditation and rejuvenation.

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The hotels have amazing lighting solution that is as good outside as it is inside. The exteriors have spot lighting that shines like a zone of diamonds at night, while in the interiors; the lighting highlights the perfect white ambience. Each room has a number of windows for best natural lighting with balconies for sipping a cup of tea.

Photos courtesy of Katikies Hotels

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