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Different ways to decorate the living room!

The living room is the main charm of any house. If you have constant guests coming over, then they usually spend the time in the living room and not elsewhere. If you have made the living room extremely attractive, then you don’t have to worry about decorating other rooms too much. If you want some fantastic living room decorating ideas, then you know just the place to be at! There are so many various ways through which you can decorate your living room. Here are some tips you need to know…

Where to place things

If you are planning on keeping flowers around the kitchen, then keep them away from the gas stove. You don’t want them to catch on fire by any means. Also, you can keep them at a side which you don’t use often. If you are cooking in a hush-hush situation, then you can end up breaking it or knocking it over. So, be careful when you place delicate items in your kitchen for decoration purposes. This was just one example, you can get a list of things to avoid keeping in the cooking area in our kitchen decorating ideas column.

Work on the wall

By changing wall colours, adding a big piece of art, texture or a shelf on the wall, you can change the entire outlook of the living room. You can place a large family portrait on the wall in black and white for a homely feel. These are few easy living room decorating ideas, which will not take a time to perfect and they also fall under an average budget. You can also leave a wall empty with just spotlights on top to make it a cosy area. Make sure the colour is bold and completely different from any colour in the entire house. This will add to the charm.

Furniture theme

Some people follow a certain furniture theme in the house. If you like wooden finish furniture, then you can use this one theme all around the living room. If your furniture is white in colour, then you can add some pop by placing colourful pillows on the couch. There are so many various living room decorating ideas and tricks, which can be done easily. You just need to get the right ideas!


Lighting is yet another thing that plays an important role in the house and living room. Apart from having the regular white tube lights, you can put a chandelier, some small wall lights, hanging lights and so much more. You can pick a blue lighting theme on the corner of the living room else you can add bright yellow lights too. It all depends on what furniture and wall colour you have picked. You can also switch up the light bulbs according to your choice.

Extend the windows and add some drapes

A simple change can do so much for the living room. Do you live on a high floor and does your window have an amazing view? If yes, then you should extend the window area and add fancy drape curtains. This little change can make the entire living room look completely different!

Want more fantastic living room decorating ideas? If yes, then you can get all of them only in our special section. So start redecorating your living room today!

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