Dining Table Decor Ideas: Breakfast table decoration – three international styles

Decorate the breakfast table for summer mornings in three international styles.

Breakfast is a time when it’s bright and sunny, the day is starting and it is a great time to lift the spirits! Decorating the breakfast table in a special way will make the family or friends happy and they will start their day on a beautiful note. Get motivated to quit the daily, no-frills look of the routine and get into a little festivity with these three international breakfast table styles:


Hawaii magic: Keep it bright and sunny! Keep it vibrant in all sorts of hues, fruity colors and flowers. Amalgamate the ocean, beach and fish- make it energized! Hawaiian theme breakfast table must include a portion of each of this. Add bright soft furnishings, flower arrangements and ocean theme cutlery. Go for stark contrasts and throw in plenty of oranges, lemon yellows and electric blues.


Tokyo chi: Assemble wooden table, low cushion seating and mainly earthen and organic elements to highlight the rawness and simplicity of Japanese style breakfast table. Bamboo makes a prominent appearance, be it the decoration, cushion material or mats. Stylish pebble arrangements or inculcation in placemats, coasters or cutlery handles can be added. Minimal but chic! Very sophisticated look! Keep the colors cool; a lot of blues and browns work beautifully.


Parisian café: Lovely cutwork and fussy tablecloths, fancy cutlery and high stands for the food, folding deck chairs and spindle legged table – all stand for the French delicacy, romanticism and vanity. Keep it pastel, but don’t forget the expensive china! Add in the best silverware, the most dainty delicate artifacts and candles, and you have just got it perfect. Match the menu with croissants and French toast!

The three styles have the best of all worlds. Try a different style but don’t mix and match. These are all stand-alone styles that work best independently. Change the mundane! Everyone sits on a typical dining table for eating; what’s your unique take? Show your true colors and creative decor ideas– transform the way your family eats!

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