Eco-friendly Architectural Design Ideas for a Restaurant: It Me Eco Fast Restaurant by Joanna Pszczółka + LukaszBrandy’s, Poland


It Me Eco Fast Restaurant by Joanna Pszczółka + LukaszBrandy’s, in Poland, is an eco-friendly design, with innovation in material usage and execution on site.

Designed by Joanna Pszczółka and Lukasz Brandy’s, the It Me Eco Fast Restaurant, in Poland, speaks of a feasible design, which is eco-friendly and greener in every way. The restaurant, significantly smaller in area, with the need to accommodate 50 pax tables, seemed to be a Herculean task.

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To counterbalance the need for space, the architects designed freestanding tables attached to the wall. This cleared the floor from cluttered table legs, thus creating an illusion of a larger space. Interestingly, this custom design of the table is in the shape of an unjointed rectangle, which runs across the ceiling and reaches on either side of the wall.

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Moreover, the use of white with green and brown shades illuminates the small area and brightens up the décor. It is not just with the design of the furniture alone, but also on the glass façade where the logo of the fast food stands etched, in a luminous green shade.

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Everything about the décor remains muted and natural shaded with a brown palette to present the idea of being coordinated, with the sustainable environment. Interestingly, the use of recycled MDF boards, painted in white lacquer stands edged out, by the horizontal wood stripes running across the wall.

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The décor looks simple, elegant, and crisp with a defined edge, thus making the interior a warm and cosy place to dine and enjoy a fine gourmet of delicacies. Right from promoting the brand, to packaging, everything in the restaurant speaks of minimalism in style and form.

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Even more, the interior design is highly feasible for people in wheelchairs, thus making it possible to move around with ease. There is less need for maintaining the restaurant and it looks spic and span, making it more desirable for getting together often with family and friends. In essence, a very composed and comfortable seating, the restaurant strikes a picture of elegance in style.

Photos By : Joanna Pszczółka

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